What is the character sketch of Canterville ghost?

What is the character sketch of Canterville ghost?

A character sketch of the ghost in “The Canterville Ghost” can include that the ghost is proud of his history, enjoys frightening people, and is theatrical. When he cannot frighten the Otis family, he becomes angry and dejected, and wishes to be released into death.

How is the ghost described in the story Canterville ghost?

The canterville ghoul in real life committed a terrible crime . He killed his own wife because she was a bad housekeeper. He was punished for it by his wife brother who locked him up in a room to starve to death v,yet the story of canterville ghost is a largely a comedy.

Who is the protagonist in the novel The Canterville Ghost?

The protagonist of The Canterville Ghost, at first, is the ghost of the castle. His name is Sir Simon, and because he murdered his wife centuries ago,…

Who is the most important character in The Canterville Ghost?

The Canterville Ghost, which is the ghost of Sir. Simon de Canterville, is the most important character of the novel. The story begins with the Otis family coming to live in the Canterville Chase.

How did Sir Simon become a ghost?

Sir Simon de Canterville is a fearsome ghost who has haunted Canterville Chase for more than three centuries. He murdered his wife, Lady Eleanore, in the estate’s library in 1575. Nine years later her brothers exacted revenge, and Sir Simon became the Canterville ghost.

What is the theme of The Canterville Ghost?

The themes of love and death are intertwined in “The Canterville Ghost.” Beneath the surface comedy of role reversal, in which the American Otis family frightens the ghost and not vice versa, lurks a more poignant tale: Sir Simon, the ghost, wants very much to die and be at peace.

Is Canterville ghost a true story?

To a large extent, the idea that The Canterville Ghost story is different is true. The story does have some typical scary ghost story vibes to it. It’s a story about a ghost that haunts a big mansion. People have been afraid to live there, and there is a blood spot on the floor that never goes away.

What was the name of the twins in Canterville ghost?

The Otis family includes Mr. and Mrs. Otis, their eldest son Washington, their daughter Virginia, and the Otis twins. At first, none of the Otis family believe in ghosts, but shortly after they move in, none of them can deny the presence of Sir Simon de Canterville.

What did The Canterville Ghost do in the end?

At the end of “The Canterville Ghost,” Virginia intercedes with prayers the ghost can’t pray and tears he can’t shed so that he can finally die in peace and no longer have to haunt Canterville Hall.

What do you think is the main point of the story Canterville ghost?

Answer Expert Verified. Oscar Wilde in his play ‘The Canterville Ghost’ has brought home to his readers two important question that every thinking person broods over, i.e. What life is? and ‘What death signifies?’ Apart from these profound answers, comes an important realization that ‘love is stronger than both’.