Is Monroe struts a good brand?

Is Monroe struts a good brand?

Monroe is also known as one of the best suspension brands when it comes to looking for complete strut assembly. Their line-up of struts and shock absorbers are made in the USA and have been instilling confidence in drivers since 1992.

Are Monroe Reflex shocks any good?

These were easy to install and ride well. Overall, I can feel the front stuts ride a bit different than the original GMs (not better or worse, just different) but these shocks on the back corners feel nearly like the originals. Overall have had these for about 2 months and I am very happy; would buy again.

Are Monroe struts bad?

At their core, the Monroe Quick Struts are a complete strut & spring assembly that delivers impressive performance for virtually any compatible vehicle. If you’re someone looking for a durable set of struts to put on your car that is reliable and relatively easy to install, the Monroe Quick Struts are a great option.

What company owns Monroe shocks?

Monroe shock absorbers, struts and other products are manufactured by Tenneco. Founded in 1916 in Monroe, Mich., by mechanic and entrepreneur August F. Meyer, the business that eventually became Monroe Auto Equipment Company initially manufactured tire pumps for the owners of early automobiles.

Are Monroe struts better than KYB?

Kyb Shocks & Struts are hands down the better option of the two because they provide a more stable ride and a better overall performance of your vehicle compared to Monroe, even though they are more expensive, we suggest you go with Kyb.

Which strut is better Monroe or Gabriel?

The main differences between Gabriel vs Monroe are: Gabriel shocks and struts tend to ride firmer, whereas Monroe shocks often provide a smoother drive. Gabriel models do better off-road, whereas Monroe shocks and struts are usually more suited to highway driving.

Does Tenneco own Monroe?

In 1977, Monroe became part of Tenneco Inc. Tenneco’s many diversified and multinational resources allowed for new opportunities on a global scale.