How do I annoy my friend?

How do I annoy my friend?

75 Crazy Ways to irritate people!

  1. Give missed calls. Always.
  2. Borrow someone’s phone to call and to talk for hours.
  3. Reply with K and Hmm.
  4. Refer someone they hate as their best friends.
  5. Listen songs on speaker phone.
  6. Send Candy Crush requests on Facebook.
  7. Forward chain messages.
  8. Call your friend uncle or aunty.

How do you annoy your school?

How to Be Annoying in School

  1. 1 Act like a know-it-all.
  2. 2 Make jokes that aren’t funny.
  3. 3 Show up late and unprepared for the lesson.
  4. 4 Slack off during group projects.
  5. 5 Eat noisy snacks during a test.
  6. 6 Click your pen incessantly.
  7. 7 Sleep through the entire lecture.
  8. 8 Ask the teacher tons of questions.

How do you annoy haters?

  1. Create specifically for a small group of people.
  2. Acknowledge critics, but ignore their negativity.
  3. Try to be yourself.
  4. Do more of what they hate.
  5. Be completely honest.
  6. Do something even remotely interesting.
  7. Ask people what they want and give it to them.
  8. Have an opinion about something.

How do I annoy my 12 year old sister?

Pestering Your Siblings. Follow your sibling around wherever they go. If they ask what you’re doing, just ignore them or say, “Nothing.” If they leave the house, follow them outside. If they lock themselves in a room, wait outside the door and keep reminding them you’re there.

How do I tell my teacher to shut up?

6 Ways to SHUT UP

  1. Don’t Echo. Here is a common classroom script:
  2. Wait. It takes time for learners to hear and process what you have said, and adding more teacher talk doesn’t help.
  3. Don’t Answer Right Away.
  4. Groupwork Is Better, Always.
  5. Ask Open-Ended Questions.
  6. Make Use Of Your Written Materials.

Why do I attract haters?

The real reason you’re attracting haters is because the haters are mirroring back hatred that you have for yourself that you’ve repressed. So when we have hatred for ourselves and we push this away and pretend it’s not there, it will come out in the form of hatred from someone else.

How do I annoy my 12 year old brother?

Remove your siblings from their activity. For example, if they are on the computer, pick them up and carry them upstairs (or downstairs if the computer is upstairs). Move them away from wherever they are enjoying their activity. Don’t say anything when doing it. This might irritate your sibling even more.

Can a teacher be fired for swearing?

If a teacher was scolding a student by using profane language, then that teacher could be fired for verbal harassment.