Can you stop Petrus from killing Rhea?

Can you stop Petrus from killing Rhea?

Yes he’ll kill her if you keep him alive and yes you have to buy all the spells off her (doesn’t count if you buy the same spell off someone else) for her to move. If you want to keep her alive, then kill Petrus; he’s useless anyway, as is rhea honestly after you’ve bought all her miracles.

Who killed Rhea of Thorolund?

If you take too long to visit her, after Tomb of Giants (exploring 2 or more areas and killing bosses), Petrus will kill her.

Is killing Petrus a sin?

Killing him counts as a sin. Killing Petrus prior to Reah of Thorolund’s arrival to Firelink Shrine causes her and her bodyguards, Vince and Nico of Thorolund, to attack the player on sight. Also, paying Oswald does not turn them friendly.

What is the way of white?

Way of White is a Covenant in Dark Souls. This covenant is for helping out other players online. Players who are in this covenant will automatically be drawn closer to each other on the network.

Where is Petrus Dark Souls?

the Firelink Shrine
Petrus of Thorolund is located in the Firelink Shrine. After talking to him twice you will recieve a copper coin and he will open shop. You can join the Way of the White Covenant, buy items, learn miracles, and learn a gesture.

Where is Rhea in firelink?

Location. In Firelink Shrine next to Petrus after player defeats the Capra Demon in lower Undead Burg. She will be here until the player speaks to Petrus or defeats the Pinwheel, both of which prompt her to leave.

Where is Petrus ds1?

Firelink Shrine
Encountered after heading up the stairs in Firelink Shrine towards the elevator leading to the church in the Undead Parish.

What is Miracle synergy?

Miracle Synergy, or Miracle Resonance, is a system in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered that allows a certain set of miracles to gain a boost when near the visual effect.

Where do you find Reah of Thorolund in Dark Souls?

Appears next to Petrus of Thorolund, along with her two escorts Vince and Nico, after defeating the Capra Demon. She will tell you that they are on a mission, but never reveals what the mission actually is. After talking to Petrus they will all leave for The Catacombs, the next time you exit the area.

Who is the voice of Reah of Thorolund?

— Reah of Thorolund Reah of Thorolund is a character and merchant who appears in Dark Souls. She is voiced by Charlie Cameron, who also voiced Quelaag’s Sister and Sieglinde of Catarina.

Where do you find Petrus of Thorolund in Dark Souls?

Firelink Shrine. Among the ruins up to the right in a room leading towards the Undead Parish lift. Initially he will not have much to say and then give the player a Copper Coin as a token of good will.

How to drain Humanities from Reah of Thorolund?

12 humanities can be drained from Reah by using the Dark Hand. As of Patch 1.05, there is a glitch where Petrus will not appear at Firelink Shrine if the player proceeds directly to the Tomb of the Giants without talking to Reah and her group at Firelink Shrine. The player will encounter Reah and the hollowed clerics as they would normally.