How do I contact applecare?

How do I contact applecare?

Get support now by phone or chat, set up a repair, and more. Call Apple Support at 1-800-APLCARE.

Is Apple support phone call free?

Most Apple software and hardware products include unlimited complimentary support incidents within the first 90 days of product ownership, or longer if required by applicable law. Apple Watch Edition comes with 2 years of complimentary support.

How do I contact Apple TV by phone?

By calling 800-275-2273 (requires you to provide proof of purchase)

Can I go to Apple Store without appointment Covid?

Not all Apple stores in the U.S. are fully open for walk-in customers to go inside and browse, however. Customers should check Apple’s website before heading to their store in case it is appointment-only or service is limited in other ways.

How do I talk to Apple TV?

On Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver, then turn VoiceOver on or off.
  2. Hold the Siri button on your Siri Remote*, then say “Turn VoiceOver on” or “Turn VoiceOver off.”
  3. On your remote, press the Menu button or the Back button three times to turn VoiceOver on or off.

Which is the best Apple Repair Service in Singapore?

A.LAB is a member of Apple authorized business that is supervised by Aeon Earth. A.LAB believes in giving best technical support and repair services to the Apple product users in Singapore. A.LAB Singapore is known for its best repair services in the entire region within affordable service charges to its customers.

How to contact Apple Store for Education ( SG )?

If you are a student or teacher, visit the Apple Store for Education or call 1800‑692‑7753. If you are buying on behalf of an educational institution, find an Apple Authorised Reseller, who can also provide ongoing support and service based on your school’s needs.

How to contact Apple South Asia Pte Ltd?

Apple Apple South Asia Pte Ltd 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64 Singapore 569086 (65) 6481 5511

How to get in touch with Apple support?

More ways to get help: Contact iTunes Store support See all worldwide support telephone numbers Contact a mobile carrier Make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar Find an Apple Authorised Service Provider Beats support: 1800-415-5533 or see all worldwide support telephone numbers