What happened in the barn on the walking dead?

What happened in the barn on the walking dead?

Dante interrupts him, and Siddiq comes to the realization that he knows him: He was in the barn as a Whisperer, holding his eyes open and forcing him to watch his friends die. He turns around and Dante springs into action, grabbing him around the neck and choking him.

Who did alpha kill in the barn?

The 10 characters killed by Alpha and the Whisperers are: Ozzy (Highwaymen), Alek (Highwaymen) D.J. (Alexandria), Frankie (Alexandria), Tammy Rose (Hilltop), Adeline (Hilltop), Rodney (Hilltop), Tara (Hilltop), Enid (Hilltop), and Henry (Kingdom).

Did Hershel know Sophia was in the barn?

He found where still human Sophie hid for the night (he didn’t find blood so it was either someone else, or she wasn’t bit yet). He found where she lost her doll (maybe she was bitten by the river). But he doesn’t find her. Because she was found stuck in the marsh by Jimmy and thrown in the barn.

Why did alpha kill Henry?

When a Whisperer accidentally witnesses her crying, Alpha kills him to make sure no one ever sees her being weak. Alpha and the Whisperers surprise 12 residents from each community, including Henry, and kill them.

Who all died in the barn Walking Dead?


  • Ozzy (Alive)
  • Alek (Alive)
  • D.J. (Alive)
  • Frankie (Alive)
  • Tammy Rose Sutton (Alive)
  • Rodney (Alive)
  • Adeline (Alive)
  • Enid (Alive)

Where is Hershel’s farm in real life?

Hershel’s Farm & The Prison Hershel’s Farm is just outside the town of Senoia on an unmarked road. The prison, as opposed to random internet rumors claiming it was filmed at an actual prison, is actually located at Raleigh Studios Atlanta.

How did Sophia get bit?

Introduced early on as the daughter of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Lintz’s character Sophia died in season 2, having gone missing and been bitten by a walker before later being fatally shot by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).