What are non-divisible loads?

What are non-divisible loads?

Non-Divisible Load – is one piece or item which cannot be separated into units of less weight without affecting the physical integrity of the load. If it can be divided and it does not exceed 8 man hours to disassemble it then it must be separated.

What is considered a divisible load?

A “divisible load” is any vehicle or combination of vehicles transporting cargo of legal dimensions that can be separated into units of legal weight without affecting the physical integrity of the load.

What does non-divisible mean?

A “non-divisible load” is one piece or item which cannot be separated into units of less weight without affecting the physical integrity of the load. Examples of non-divisible loads include, but are not limited to single poles, girders, columns, wood or metal trusses, buildings, houses.

What is non reducible load?

Eligibility: To be eligible for an oversize/overweight (or “extralegal”) permit, the main criterion is that the load be non-reducible, that is, that it cannot be reduced down and transported in a legal vehicle.

What is the difference between divisible and indivisible?

As adjectives the difference between indivisible and divisible. is that indivisible is incapable of being divided; atomic while divisible is capable of being divided or split.

What is a divisible commodity?

Divisible goods can be divided into smaller parts or portions and retain value. These are goods such as cakes or fishing rights. These heterogeneous goods are also divisible, although the allocation is made more somewhat more difficult: some agents may prefer pieces with more vanilla than chocolate.

What is a divisible good?

What are the divisibility rules?

The Divisibility Rules

  • Any integer (not a fraction) is divisible by 1.
  • The last digit is even (0,2,4,6,8)
  • The sum of the digits is divisible by 3.
  • The last 2 digits are divisible by 4.
  • The last digit is 0 or 5.
  • Is even and is divisible by 3 (it passes both the 2 rule and 3 rule above)

What does non reducible mean?

adjective. If you say that an idea, problem, or situation is not reducible to something simple, you mean that it is complicated and cannot be described in a simple way.

What is a reducible load?

(1) Reducible Load. Reducible load permits may be granted to allow the operation of a motor vehicle together with its load for gross weights up to 73,000 pounds for vehicles having three axles, 87,000 pounds for vehicles having four axles, and 99,000 pounds for vehicles having five or more axles.

What is the rule of pure obligation?

A pure obligation is a debt which is not subject to any conditions and no specific date is mentioned for its fulfillment. A pure obligation is immediately demandable. It is an obligation with respect to which no condition precedent remains which has not been performed.

What are examples of divisible obligations?

What are examples of divisible obligations? (a) Legal when an object or prestation, which is divisible by nature, is declared. (Example: The obligation to pay income taxes on or before April 15 every year.) (Example: D promised to pay C his P100,000 debt on August 1, 2015.)