When did The 3XV Yamaha TZR250 come out?

When did The 3XV Yamaha TZR250 come out?

The 3XV version of the TZR250 was a distant derivative of the works Yamaha racer that made its debut at the Silverstone British GP in 1986, the year after Freddie Spencer won the 250cc and 500cc title double, the smaller bike setting the V-twin theme.

How many miles does a Yamaha TZR250 restoration run?

“Yamaha say around 7-8000 miles between top end overhauls and, providing good quality lubricants are used, the rest is pretty bullet proof” Ian proclaimed “I swear by Silkolene lubricants in my engines, as it does a great job, and runs clean too.

Where did Ian King ride his Yamaha TZR250?

46-year-old Ian king, a fork lift truck driver from Louth in Lincs, has a life long passion for screaming two-strokes. He raced them at his local track Cadwell Park, in the 80’s and early 90’s, and despite having tried more than a few diesels, cant get the blue haze completely out of his blood.

How much power does a 250cc motorcycle have?

These 250cc racers were the real deal, with the factory-prepared versions offering peak power around 100bhp yet weighing not a lot more than 100kg. They were hard core, and not for the faint-hearted. The Japanese factories offered batches of less-potent 250cc racers for sale until the MotoGP era, and even produced detuned road-going versions.

Which is better a Kawasaki KR-1 or a Yamaha TZR250R?

Kawasaki’s KR-1S has the speed and Yamaha’s V-twin TZR250R has the handling, the brakes and the featherweight agility. How much you pay depends on which version you buy, where you get it from and the condition it is in.

What kind of torque does a Yamaha TZR have?

Yamaha made the most of the restriction by packing out the TZR’s midrange to make it drive hard out of corners and use everything the beautiful chassis had to give. 29 lb-ft of torque doesn’t sound much, but is 10-20 per cent up on the TZR’s competition. Derestriction was difficult and expensive 25 years ago when the bikes were new.