How would you identify a leaf margin?

How would you identify a leaf margin?

Leaf Edges or Margins

  1. Entire Leaf: The margin is even and smooth around the entire leaf edge.
  2. Toothed or Serrated Leaf: The margin has a series of toothlike pointed teeth around the entire leaf edge.
  3. Lobed Leaf: The margin has an indention or indentions that go less than halfway to the leaf midrib or midline.

What is a dentate leaf margin?

A dentate margin has square or rectangular teeth along the margin that point outward. This differs from serrate by the direction of the teeth. Serrated teeth point forward toward the apex of the leaf. Botanical Terminology > Leaf Margins > Dentate.

What are the 4 types of leaf margins?

Leaf margins

  • Leaf margins: main part of the leaf, usually large and flat.
  • Undulate: having a wavy margin.
  • Sinuate: with a sinous margin.
  • Serrate: having a sharp edge.
  • Dentate: having a toothed margin.
  • Lobate: lobed.
  • Scalloped: with a scalloped margin.
  • Palmate: like the fingers of a hand spread open.

What plants have entire leaf margins?

Leaf Margins

  • Entire margin: The margin shows no clefts and is entire: to the left: Honeysuckle (Lonicera implexa), to the right: Common Beech (Fagus silvatica)
  • Serrate: Pointed teeth meet in an acute angle: left and middle picture: Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica); to the right: Hop (Humulus lupulus)

How many types of leaf margins are there?

The edge of the leaf blade is called the leaf blade margin. There are many different types of leaf margins. A few examples include: Smooth (Figure 4), Saw-Toothed (serrate—Figure 5), very Irregular (Figure 6), and even Armed with sharp spines (Figure 7).

Are the leaf margins not entire?

The leaf margins are entire and the primary veins arch up from the point where the petiole attaches to the blade and converge at the apex of the leaf blade.

How many different leaf margins are there?

Toothed leaf margins: 3 types This covers three terms; serrate, dentate, and crenate. Serrate margins are leaf margins where the teeth are like those of a saw, continuous and forward pointing (like the sweet chestnut).

What is a crenate leaf margin?

Definition. Referring to a leaf blade margin with teeth rounded at the apex. Compare with serrate.

What are the three categories of leaf margins?

Leaf Margin Entire or Smooth – The edge of the leaf is smooth. Wavy – The edge of the leaf is slightly curved. Lobed – The edge of the leaf is deeply or mildly indented. Serrate or Toothed – The edge of the leaf is toothed, this may include finely or coarsely toothed.

What is the difference between a serrate leaf and a double serrate leaf?

Entire: having a smooth edge with no teeth, notches, or lobes. Serrate: having small, sharp teeth that point toward the tip of the leaf. Doubly Serrated: serrated with each tooth having sub-teeth.

What is an example of a leaf margin?

Serrate leaves have a leaf margin that looks similar to a saw or serrated knife. The spacing between the teeth does not need to be even and the “blades” of the margin can point straight or lean to one side or the other. Some examples of trees with serrate leaves include apple trees (Malus domestica), boxelder trees (Acer negundo).

What are the types of leaf margins?

Leaves are different shapes. This is because they have different margins. There are many types of margins including entire, dentate, serrate, sinuate, lobed and palmate.

What is entire leaf margin?

Entire margin. The entire margin leaf has no serrated edges, and is composed by one continuous, smooth surface around the whole edge of the leaf. This kind of leaf edge can come in several shapes such as linear (picture), deltoid, eliptical, ovate and more.

Are the leaf margins entire?

The leaf edge, or margin, may be entire or serrated. An entire leaf margin is completely smooth with no small teeth, while a serrated margin has teeth all along the edge. Leaves with entire margins may still be cleft, with deep notches almost to the leaf’s midrib.