How much does the PS test cost Qld?

How much does the PS test cost Qld?

Test Booking Process The cost for this service is $67.40 (inclusive of GST and service fee). Alternatively When you are undertaking your written knowledge test at the Department of Transport and Main Roads you can pay your test booking fee of $61.25 (including GST).

Can you get your P plates early Qld?

Once you are 16, you can apply for a learner licence in Queensland. Once you have your leaner licence, you must log at least 100 hours with a supervisor (who has an open licence) and be 17 years old before applying to sit your provisional licence.

How many hours do you need for P plates Qld?

100 hours
To get your P1 license (red P plates) in Queensland you must: Have had your L plates for at least 12 months, Be at least 17 years old, Have recorded 100 hours of driving, including 10 hours of night driving, in your QLD learner log book, and.

How long is a Qld driving test?

The standard test duration is 45 minutes for C and LR tests and 90 minutes for MR, HR and HC tests. The vehicle used for the driving test must meet minimum test vehicle standards. Saturday driving tests are only available in certain locations and can be booked online.

How can I pass my P test Qld?

Top tips to PASS your driving test (Queensland)

  1. When REVERSING look out the back window before using your mirrors.
  2. STOP signs – Stop before engaging first gear.
  3. GIVE WAY does not mean stop but if you pull out and slow down traffic, you guessed it – you will be doing another test!
  4. SPEEDING on test day is not advised.

Can L platers listen to music Qld?

Can you listen to music on your phone? Yes on full, as long as the phone is in a cradle or it can be operated via Bluetooth; no if your a learner or P1. Can you use the phone while stopped at traffic lights? Only if it’s hands-free, and not for P1/P2/learner drivers.

Can P platers use Google Maps Qld?

P-platers will lose their licence or face a one-year good driving behaviour period. It is illegal for Learners and P1’s to use a phone in any way while driving. This includes using maps, Bluetooth and handsfree. Passengers of these drivers also cannot use phones on loudspeaker.

How do I not fail my driving test Qld?