What dialect do they speak in Baden-Wurttemberg?

What dialect do they speak in Baden-Württemberg?

The traditional “dialect” in most of the state is Alemannic (Alemannisch), which is by far the main language in German-speaking Switzerland, Liechteinstein and Vorarlberg in Austria, as well as being spoken natively by many in western Bavaria and as a minority language in Alsace in eastern France.

What dialect is spoken in Heidelberg?

Palatine German, or Pfaelzisch–Lothringisch (endonym: Pälzisch; Standard German: Pfälzisch [ˈpfɛltsɪʃ]), is a Rhenish Franconian dialect of German and is spoken in the Upper Rhine Valley, roughly in the area between Zweibrücken, Kaiserslautern, Alzey, Worms, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Speyer, Landau …

What is the most common dialect of German?

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Can Germans understand Swabian?

Swabian can be difficult to understand for speakers of Standard German due to its pronunciation and partly differing grammar and vocabulary.

Is Low German still spoken?

known as Low German, or Plattdeutsch, historically was spoken in all regions occupied by the Saxons and spread across the whole of the North German Plain. Although it has been largely displaced by standard German, it is still widely spoken, especially among elderly and rural inhabitants in the areas near…

Who speaks High German?

Modern standard High German is descended from the Middle High German dialects and is spoken in the central and southern highlands of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is used as the language of administration, higher education, literature, and the mass media in the Low German speech area as well.

Are Pennsylvania Dutch German?

The Pennsylvania Dutch (also called Pennsylvania Germans or Pennsylvania Deutsch) are descendants of early German immigrants to Pennsylvania who arrived in droves, mostly before 1800, to escape religious persecution in Europe.

Is Swabian a language?

Schwäbisch (help·info)) is one of the dialect groups of Alemannic German that belong to the High German dialect continuum….Swabian German.

Native to Germany
Native speakers 820,000 (2006)
Language family Indo-European Germanic West Germanic Irminonic High German Alemannic German Swabian
Writing system Latin (German alphabet)

Is High German still spoken?