Is 36 closed to Estes?

Is 36 closed to Estes?

While US 36 is closed, drivers will need to use State Highway 7 or US 34 to travel to and from Estes Park. School bus services in the morning and afternoon will not be interrupted and emergency vehicles will be allowed through the construction area at all times except during rock blasting activities.

Who built Highway 36 in Colorado?

U.S. 36 was expanded, with express lanes added, in two phases. The section where the emergency shutdown occurred was part of the first phase, which was built by a joint venture led by Granite Construction and Ames Construction in a design-build contract, a typical arrangement for a public project.

Why is US 36 closed?

Due to winter weather through late 2019 and early 2020, final project completion is now expected in spring 2020. Crews will close the right lane of eastbound US 36 for one night to install an impact attenuator, which is a device intended to reduce damage to vehicles and motorists in the event of a crash.

Is Highway 36 open from Susanville to Chester?

The Chester area from Susanville to Chester via Highway 36 is now open and Lake Almanor West Basin (LAW), Prattville, Peninsula Village and Big Meadows Lane are all open as well.

What is the US 36 project in Colorado?

Click to expand the US 36 project map. This project is designed to put the Little Thompson River back into its natural alignment through Muggins Gulch and honor commitments made with the U.S. Forest Service to return the channel to its historic ecological function.

What is part 36 of the construction contract?

36.702 Forms for use in contracting for architect-engineer services. 36.000 Scope of part. This part prescribes policies and procedures peculiar to contracting for construction and architect-engineer services.

When is the open house for Highway 36?

The Open House for the Highway 36 and Manning Avenue Interchange Project on March 19 th, 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19. The information from the planned open house is available below.

When is the intersection of Manning and Highway 36 going to be demolished?

A tree clearing and building demolition project is taking place in March 2021 at the intersection of Highway 36 and Manning Avenue. This work is required to be performed prior to the interchange roadway construction project to minimize environmental impacts.