What colors are most attractive for logos?

What colors are most attractive for logos?

Blue is by far the most popular choice of logo color for these companies. It’s easy to understand why blue logos are such a popular choice. Blue is an inoffensive color, a safe but sophisticated hue.

What is a good color for a logo?

Blue is the most popular color choice for the top brands. It is thought to put people at ease, as it reminds them of the sky and the ocean. Blue is also associated with trust, security, and confidence which make a great combination for the brands that want these elements in their message.

What is the best color for a business logo?

That’s because red is a bold color that evokes excitement, energy, and hunger. Since blue symbolizes trust and security, it’s the most common color for tech, financial, and communications companies. Eco-conscious brands tend to go with green, while purple is a popular choice for products that are indulgent or creative.

Which is the best brand with a colorful logo?

Harley-Davidson is another well-known brand with a recognizable logo shape and color scheme. It’s so recognizable, in fact, that many loyal customers and fans have even gotten tattoos of the logo. The Hyatt Place is another great example of a colorful logo.

What’s the best way to choose a logo?

Working with the color theory wheel is the best way to start when choosing your logo colors. The color wheel contains warm colors (red, yellow, orange) on the left side and cool colors (blue, green, and purple) on the right.

What do the colors on a logo mean?

Some brands choose color combinations that literally look like things. A popular way to use colors like this is to give abstract shapes specific colors that signal what they represent to the viewer, like blue squiggles to represent water or flesh-tone colored dots to symbolize people.

Is it hard to come up with color scheme for logo?

Coming up with a color scheme—whether it’s a new logo color scheme, colors to use inside of an infographic or a color palette for your upcoming presentation —is hard. While in many instances, you’ll simply use your company’s branding to guide your design colors, there are cases you want to branch out and find a different palette to use.