Is the Olympus PEN good?

Is the Olympus PEN good?

Conclusion. The Olympus PEN E-PL10 is an attractive entry-level mirrorless cameras that does many things well. Despite its low price, it feels well-built, and we like how it feels in the hand. With the bundled 14-42mm (28-84mm equivalent) kit lens, it easily slips into a jacket pocket.

Does Olympus make DSLR?

Available one year later than the highly regarded E-510, the E-520 builds on the features that were popular in the first generation of this camera: dust control, a live view LCD screen and built-in image stabilization. The E-3 is the flagship Olympus digital SLR camera, designed with professional photographers in mind.

What does Olympus OM D stand for?

What do the initials OMD mean? It’s a digital (D) version of their classic 35mm SLRs, the OM line. Originally they were called M, but leica got annoyed & Olympus changed the name to OM. The EM-5 is the 5th one in that line.

What kind of camera is the Olympus OM-D E-M10?

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the third camera in the company’s OM-D range and represents another tier in the lineup – sitting below the E-M5 and the even more expensive E-M1. It uses the same 16 megapixel Four Thirds sensor as the E-M5, though doesn’t offer that camera’s weatherproofing.

Is there an AP2 port on the Olympus E-M10?

The E-M10 also does without an AP2 accessory port, but this isn’t necessarily a huge drawback – with the exception of the SEMA-1 stereo mic option, most of the available accessories aren’t terribly relevant for E-M10 owners thanks to its built-in EVF and Wi-Fi. However, the things the E-M10 adds are rather nice -…

What’s the difference between the E-M5 and the M10?

The E-M10 offers almost everything the E-M5 did, plus a bit more, at a much lower starting price. Whereas the E-M5 debuted at a cost of around $999 body-only, the E-M10 hit the market at around $699 (or $799 with the collapsible 14-42mm II R lens).