What are the dimensions of MCG?

What are the dimensions of MCG?


Opened 1854
Known as The MCG, The “G”
Dimensions 172.9m long, 147.8m wide
Ends Members End, Great Southern Stand End
Location Melbourne, Australia

How tall are the MCG light towers?

approximately 75 metres high
The light tower system comprises of six light towers which stand approximately 75 metres high (equivalent to a 24-story building) with the head frame a further 10 metres higher (85 metres overall).

Is MCG bigger than SCG?

Brownlow medallist Gerard Healy has busted an all-time myth surrounding the length of the MCG compared to other AFL grounds. But Healy revealed that the length of the Gabba (78 metres) and SCG (77.75) are only marginally shorter in length to the MCG (80) from the goal line to the centre circle.

WHO home ground is the MCG?

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars, one of the franchises in the T20 Big Bash League, also plays its home matches at the MCG. The tenancy of football and cricket authorities does not preclude other events such as concerts and rugby and soccer matches being staged at the ground when fixturing allows.

What was the biggest crowd ever at the MCG?

The MCG also holds the record for the biggest VFL/AFL crowd (121,696), the highest recorded crowd for a cricket match (93,013 at the 2015 World Cup Final) the largest crowd for a single day of Test cricket (91,112) and the record crowd for a domestic cricket match (80,883).

How much electricity does the MCG use?

On average, the MCG precinct consumes around 1.65 million kWh of electricity during September – comparable to the monthly energy demand of 4000 average Victorian homes.

How tall is the Gabba?

The dimensions of the playing field are now 170.6 metres (560 feet) (east-west) by 149.9 metres (492 feet) (north-south), to accommodate the playing of Australian rules football at elite level….The Gabba.

Ground information
Coordinates 27°29′9″S 153°2′17″ECoordinates: 27°29′9″S 153°2′17″E
Establishment 1895

Which is better MCG or SCG?

The SCG might just be a better stadium than the MCG. Actually, it is better. Aesthetically, the SCG is to the MCG what Sydney Harbour is to the Yarra. This is not an attack on Melbourne’s unquestioned status as Australia’s sporting capital.

Is the MCG the biggest stadium in the world?

Officially the world’s largest by capacity, Pyongyang, North Korea’s Rungrado 1st of May Stadium takes top spot.

What is the largest crowd to ever attend a cricket match where was it?

Attendance Series Venue
465,000 India v Pakistan Calcutta
350,534 Australia v England Melbourne