Is Chrono Cross a bad game?

Is Chrono Cross a bad game?

Chrono Cross is by no means a bad game, even though it lost to it’s predecessor in most of these categories. It is a very good RPG, but it wasn’t groundbreaking, unlike Chrono Trigger.

How many hours is Chrono Cross?

The game can be short — I’ve heard of 30-hour victories. But if you don’t rush through the game, and you don’t try to swerve around enemies on the map screen, Chrono Cross can take a healthy 40 hours to beat — more if you look for every character and find every tech for each of them.

Did Chrono Cross sell well?

Chrono Cross also sold well, shipping 850,000 and 650,000 units in Japan and abroad respectively. It was re-released once in the United States as a Greatest Hits title and again as part of the Japanese Ultimate Hits series.

Are Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross connected?

The games are definitely connected, and there are a few characters that appear in both games who are definitely the same people, but Guile just isn’t one of them. Chrono Cross takes place 20 years after Trigger.

Is Chrono Trigger still fun?

Absolutely, it’s much more straightforward than other RPGs from the same time. The story is great and there’s little to no grinding required while still have a good length of playtime. I just played it again last year for probably the first time in a decade…and yes, it absolutely holds up.

Why is Chrono Trigger considered the best?

Chrono Trigger has great music & sound, the graphics are pretty to look at as well as fantastic for the time, the UI is nice and clean, the story is interesting, lots of replayability with multiple endings, a battle system that is brisk and fun, a good balance of difficulty, and plenty of optional things for players to …

Do I need to play Chrono Trigger to play Chrono Cross?

It really doesn’t matter. I personally prefer Chrono Trigger to Chrono Cross, and that’s the only thing that would have me recommend playing the former before the latter. There’s some stuff which will only have resonance if you’ve played the previous game, but Cross isn’t a strict sequel to Trigger.

What is the highest selling Final Fantasy game?

original Final Fantasy VII
The original Final Fantasy VII remains the best-selling mainline Final Fantasy game of all time with about 13.1 million units sold as of April 2020. Following VII are Final Fantasy X (10.5 million), Final Fantasy XV (8.8 million), Final Fantasy VIII (8.1 million), and Final Fantasy XIII (7.7 million), according to IGN.