Why should we plant trees essay 250 words?

Why should we plant trees essay 250 words?

Short Essay on Importance of Trees 250 Words in English Trees are one of the most important natural resources on earth. It is also a very important part of the ecosystem as many animals solely depend on trees for food and shelter. Trees also provide us with resources, some of which are very important for our survival.

How do I write a story for my dog?

If you’re interested in writing about your dogs, here are some tips:

  1. Think Small. Unless you have a compelling and expansive saga, don’t try to tell your dog’s whole life story.
  2. Show Don’t Tell. If you write at all, this mantra is familiar to you.
  3. Remember the Five Senses.
  4. Consider Tone.
  5. Make an Emotional Connection.

What is the importance of plants?

Plants provide some of the food humans eat and the oxygen they breathe. Besides using carbon dioxide, plants act as holding organisms for carbon dioxide (carbon sinks). Carbon sinks are extremely beneficial to humans. Carbon dioxide is a natural component in the environment.

Why are plants important to humans essay?

Humans depend on plants in numerous ways. Plants have the unique ability of producing their own food through a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants are able to produce macromolecules such as carbohydrates that cannot be produced in animals or humans.

Why are animals important to humans?

Animals play social, personal, or business roles in the lives of human beings. They are important to all of us whether we love, hate, eat, or protect them. They provide companionship: Some animals serve as pets, for example, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs.

How do you draw a easy dog?

Dog Drawing Instructions

  1. Start by drawing an oval shape.
  2. Continue by making a inverted U shape above the oval you have previously drawn.
  3. Draw the ears.
  4. Lets finish up the dog face.
  5. Time to make the body!
  6. Last but not lest, draw a pair of hind legs and a wiggly tail.

What can dogs teach us?

Here are 10 things dogs can teach us about what matters most in life:

  1. Live in the moment.
  2. Overcome fear with love.
  3. Don’t hold grudges.
  4. Play every day.
  5. Jump for joy when you’re happy.
  6. Accept yourself.
  7. Enjoy the journey.
  8. Drink lots of water.

How do you draw a heart?


  1. Start the outline sketch with two consecutive circles.
  2. Add a downward triangle on the outline sketch.
  3. Begin drawing the actual line on the left cheek of the heart.
  4. Draw the right cheek.
  5. Erase the outline sketches.
  6. Color the draft.
  7. Add the light and shade.
  8. Add a background. Advertisement.