Why does Tony kill Ralph?

Why does Tony kill Ralph?

Ralph Cifaretto: beaten and strangled to death by Tony Soprano due to suspicion that he caused the fire that killed Pie-O-My, which Ralph denies. His body is then dismembered and decapitated with the help of Christopher Moltisanti.

How do the chief and Roger know where Ralph is hiding?

How do the chief and Roger know where Ralph is hiding? What are the two methods that the boys use to get Ralph out of the hiding spot? Sending in boulders, jabbing spears, and shaking the bush.

Why did they kill Simon LOTF?

In The Lord of the Flies, Simon learns that the beast the children on the island fear is actually a dead paratrooper and his parachute. When he tries to bring his new knowledge to the other boys, he is murdered by them in a ritualistic style. This is because the children follow him for protection from the beast.

What type of character is Simon?

Whereas Ralph and Jack stand at opposite ends of the spectrum between civilization and savagery, Simon stands on an entirely different plane from all the other boys. Simon embodies a kind of innate, spiritual human goodness that is deeply connected with nature and, in its own way, as primal as Jack’s evil.

What did Simon look like?

Physical: Simon’s first appearance has him fainting from the heat. Apparently shorter than Ralph, Simon is described by Golding: He was a small, skinny boy, his chin pointed, and his eyes so bright they had deceived Ralph into thinking him delightfully gay and wicked.

Why is the end of LOTF ironic?

Much of the irony at the end of the novel stems from Golding’s portrayal of the naval officer. Although the naval officer saves Ralph, the ending of Lord of the Flies still is not particularly happy, and the moment in which the officer encounters the boys is not one of untainted joy.

How is Simon described in Lord of the Flies Chapter 3?

Chapter 3 Simon helps Ralph build huts. Ralph describes him as “queer” and “funny”. He is small and thin with dark hair and eyes, and he helps the smaller boys reach food. He has devised a secret place to hide under vines in the forest.