Why did the United States fail to contain the spread of communism in the Vietnam War?

Why did the United States fail to contain the spread of communism in the Vietnam War?

The policy of containment had failed militarily. Despite the USA’s vast military strength it could not stop the spread of communism . The guerrilla tactics used by the Vietcong and their absolute commitment to the cause, far outweighed the desire of the Americans to keep going.

Was Korea a declared war?

In the US, the war was initially described by President Harry S. Truman as a “police action” as the United States never formally declared war on its opponents and the operation was conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.

How did the United States react when the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in 1949?

The CIA intervened with the communist situations. Then the Soviets’ alliance with its satellite nations (Warsaw Pact). When the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in 1949, the United States reacted how, and why? The U.S. wanted to build a more powerful weapon to maintain control and power.

How is a social movement different from an interest group quizlet?

Social movements work to change attitudes while interest groups seek to change policies. A collection of people who share common interest or attitude and seek to influence government for specific ends.

Why did the United States send financial aid to Jiang Jieshi at the beginning of the Chinese civil war but later refuse his request for military aid?

The United States sent aid to Jiang because American leaders feared that his defeat would create a communist superpower. Jiang Jieshi and his nationalist forces were corrupt, and the United States refused to intervene militarily. In 1948, Mao’s forces dominated the war.

What would happen if the US won the Korean War?

If the US won both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, it would be under the condition that: -The US and the UN permanently drove North Korean territory past the 38th parallel and kept out Chinese troops, who attempted to intervene (and was successful in driving the US back to the 38th parallel).

What type of government is North Korea?


What goals did the US achieve by fighting in Korea?

What goals did the United States achieve in fighting in Korea? The U.S. protected South Korea and kept it from becoming communist without using atomic weapons.

Which side did the United States support and why quizlet?

The U.S. supported South Korea for the same reasons it supported Nationalist China: the Truman Doctrine, containment and America’s intense fear of communists. What did the U.S. do to affect the outcome of the war?

What is a social or political movement?

Key Terms. social movements: Social movements are a type of group action. They are large informal groupings of individuals or organizations that focus on specific political or social issues. In other words, they carry out, resist or undo a social change.

How do interest groups differ from political parties quizlet Chapter 5?

Interest groups focus on a broader array of issues than political parties. Interest groups do not run candidates for office, whereas political parties do. Interest groups are preoccupied with coalition building, whereas political parties can focus on a single issue.

What is the North Korean government controlled by?

The government is dominated by the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and has been since North Korea’s inception in 1948. A party chief secretary no longer concurrently holds the post of LPC chairman, which has been taken over by a former LAEC chairman.

How is South Korea different from the United States?

Another difference is that the US is an individualistic nation, whereas South Korea is a collective nation. People don’t tend to stand out in a crowd, but instead, have strict beauty standards which people strive for.

What makes a movement political?

A political movement is a collective attempt by a group of people to change government policy or social values. Political movements are usually in opposition to an element of the status quo and are often associated with a certain ideology.

What are examples of social movement?

Examples of Social Movements

  • civil rights movement in the United States.
  • environmental movement.
  • green movement.
  • gay rights movement.
  • labor movement.
  • anti-globalization movement.
  • vegetarian movement.
  • feminist movement.

What is the difference between the DMZ and the 38th parallel?

The Korean Demilitarized Zone intersects but does not follow the 38th parallel north, which was the border before the Korean War. It crosses the parallel on an angle, with the west end of the DMZ lying south of the parallel and the east end lying north of it.

Why did US invade Korea?

As the North Korean army pushed into Seoul, the South Korean capital, the United States readied its troops for a war against communism itself. Now, for the Allies, the Korean War was an offensive one: It was a war to “liberate” the North from the communists.