Why did Lyddie get fired?

Why did Lyddie get fired?

Lyddie was fired from her job at the factory because she saw Mr. Marsden trying to assault Brigid. She was not surprised that he would do this, since he had done the same thing to her. When she was sick with a fever, he had tried to kiss her.

How does Diana help her?

Diana helps Lyddie learn to use her loom and makes her feel at home. Diana is the mother figure for all of the factory girls. She has endless patience, and whenever a new girl comes to the factory she shows her how to operate the machinery so that she won’t get hurt.

Why does Lyddie hand Brigid money?

Lyddie pays Brigid money to do her chores. Lyddie teaches Brigid to read.

How does this affect Lyddie how does it affect Brigid?

She also dislikes Brigid because Brigid is Irish; she dresses, smells, and talks funny. But when Lyddie comes down with a life-threatening fever, Brigid helps nurse her back to health. After that, Lyddie takes more interest in Brigid, becoming her mentor. She teaches Brigid to read, beginning with her ABCs.

How does Lyddie help Brigid?

She helps Brigid learn how to read, just as she herself was once taught. Lyddie also sacrifices her own job by protecting Brigid from Marsden’s unwanted advances. But before she leaves the factory, Lyddie, ever the rugged individualist, gives Brigid the means of standing up for herself.

Why can’t Brigid keep her mind on her work?

Brigid slows down because she is worried about her sick mother. Brigid is one of the newer Irish factory girls. Lyddie spent some time helping the new girls learn how to work the machines, but she has little patience for them. She is too focused on her own work.

Why Lyddie should not sign the petition?

Lyddie decides not to sign the petition because she needs her current wages too badly. If the petition passes, then her hours would be reduced and she would earn less. Even if it does not pass, it would anger the mill’s management and they could blacklist her.

How does Lyddie feel about training Brigid?

Lyddie remembered how overwhelming it was on her first day in the factory, but she was still impatient with the new girl. Lyddie told Brigid that it would get better as she got more practice. By the end of the first day, Lyddie knew that Brigid was not ready for her own machine but Lyddie had lost her patience.

What is Lyddie’s decision about signing the petition?

No other corporation would hire you said Lyddie” (91,92). This quote means that the consequence of signing the petition is you’ll get fired and blacklisted, meaning you can’t get another job anywhere.

How many looms was Lyddie working?

But, no matter how fast they went Lyddie was somehow able to keep up. She did so well with her two and then three looms that Mr. Marsden gave her a fourth. Once she had the fourth loom Lyddie was so busy that she barely noticed anyone or anything around her.