Which of these poetic devices does she use here 712?

Which of these poetic devices does she use here 712?

Answer Expert Verified. In the lines “Because I could not stop for death – He kindly stopped for me -“, the poetic device of personification (option B) is used.

What poetic device does Walt Whitman use?


What does the raven symbolize in the Bible?

While ravens were considered an unclean bird (Lev 11:15; Deut 14:14), they make an appearance in the Bible not only as examples of God’s provision but also as messengers with God’s provision. Here the raven that symbolized God’s care for the animal world was the tool God used to care for Elijah in his hour of need.

What is the main message of the Raven?

The main themes of Edgar Allan Poe’s narrative poem “The Raven” are devotion, loos, and lingering grief that cannot be diminished.

What attitude toward work is conveyed in poem?


Who Killed Lenore?

gangster Oleg Malankov

Which of these poetic devices is used here and his eyes have all the seeming of a demons that is dreaming?

Metaphor: The first metaphor used in this poem is the thirteenth stanza “To the fowl those fiery eyes now burned into my bosom’s core.” The second is used in the last stanza “And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming.” The poet here compares Raven’s eyes with fire and demon.

Where are we going Walt Whitman?

The doors close in an hour. Which way does your beard point tonight? (I touch your book and dream of our odyssey in the supermarket and feel absurd.)

Which statement would Walt Whitman most agree with?

Whitman thoughts on science have broken the molds of Romanticisim. He did not consider science as an enemy of poetry and art, but celebrated all its discoveries, for he considered it factual and useful. But, he would agree that there are many esential things in life science can’t capture or define.

What is one effect of Walt Whitman’s long and uneven lines?

What is one effect of Walt Whitman’s long and uneven lines? They create a conversational style.

How did Walt Whitman influence America?

Many renowned poets and other famous figures read and found inspiration in Walt Whitman’s poetry. Many American writers cite Whitman as an inspiration for their own work, expressing admiration for his groundbreaking structural innovations as well as the often controversial themes he addressed.

Did Lenore die in The Raven?

She died of tuberculosis in 1847. Lenore was the name of the narrator’s dead wife in “The Raven.” The poem doesn’t specify how she died.

Is the raven a symbol of death?

The raven has a long history of being associated with omens. In most cultures, the raven was and still is, considered as the bird of death. They were considered symbols of victory and death. These consumers of corpses on the battlefield symbolize the grim finality of human death.

Which of these describes the style of Walt?

The term that best describes the style of Walt Whitman’s poem is that, it is conversational.

What is the message of the Raven?

Symbolism: The Raven In ‘The Raven’ the symbol is obvious. Poe himself meant the Raven to symbolize ‘mournful, never-ending remembrance. ‘ Our narrator’s sorrow for his lost, perfect maiden Lenore is the driving force behind his conversation with the Raven.

What is the moral lesson of the Raven?

The moral of “The Raven” is that one should be careful not to become completely overwhelmed by one’s emotions. The speaker’s grief and imagination combine to drive him to a state of irrationality and despair.

Which of these poetic devices does he use here Song of Myself?

The correct answer would be option B: “Personification”.

Which word best describes the tone in this stanza the delicious singing of the mother?


Which poetic device is used here love is a garden of flowers?


What does 3 Ravens mean?

Three crows are a symbol or metaphor in several traditions. Crows, and especially ravens, often feature in European legends or mythology as portents or harbingers of doom or death, because of their dark plumage, unnerving calls, and tendency to eat carrion.

Is the Raven a true story?

“The Raven,” starring John Cusack as Poe, is a fictionalized account of Poe’s last days. When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality. The film is directed by James McTeigue.

Which word best describes the tone in this stanza the Carpenter singing?


Why was Walt Whitman regarded as a revolutionary writer in his time?

Whitman hinged his claim to the title of national bard on his being the natural aesthetic outgrowth of the American Revolution’s political ideals. Like many of his contemporaries, the poet regarded the revolution as not simply the heroic birth of his country, but as a perpetual mandate for democratic change.

What best describes the overall tone of the poem I Hear America Singing?

The tone of the story is appreciative. At first, Whitman seems indifferent, but at the end, he talks about the pleasing sounds and the joy of the people. The mood of the poem is proud. This poem is a prime example of what it is supposed to feel like to be an American.

Which of these poetic devices is used here we passed the setting sun?

Explanation: Personification is a literary device and a type of metaphor that takes place when a thing, idea, abstract quality, aspect of nature, animal, emotion or event is given human characteristics.

Why is the raven so popular?

This story is very popular because it encapsulates the feeling of despair from losing something very close to you. People can also relate to this story because it allows the readers to follow a character through drastic changes, possibly changes that they are going through themselves.