Which is worse a citation or a ticket?

Which is worse a citation or a ticket?

The two are the same thing: a citation or a ticket is a document explaining that you committed some traffic offense type, like speeding. A citation is more serious than a ticket in some places. However, a citation requires you to appear in a court of law while a ticket can be paid.

How do you cite a letter to the editor?

Writer/author. (Year, Month date). Title [Letter to the editor]. Title of newspaper, page number.

When did Epicurus write letter to Menoeceus?

Letter to Menoeceus – Epicurus – Translated by Robert Drew Hicks – Epicurus; 341-270 BC, was an ancient Greek philosopher as well as the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism….Bibliographic information.

Title Letter to Menoeceus: Epicurus Epicurus Series
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How do you cite a website in a letter?

Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Web Page in Title Case.” Name of Website, Day Month Year of publication, URL. Accessed Day Month Year. Place a parenthetical citation after referencing the website in your text.

How do you cite Menoeceus in a letter?

In-text: (Cook, n.d.) Your Bibliography: Cook, V., n.d. Epicurus – Letter to Menoeceus. [online] Epicurus.net. Available at: menoeceus.html> [Accessed 6 March 2016].

How do you reference editorials?

Cite editorials in MLA format as title, the periodical’s title in italics, the publication date, page numbers and the medium in which the editorial was published. Cite editorials in MLA like other periodical articles for less confusion. You also need to note that it is an editorial.

How do you do an in-text citation for a letter?

When citing unpublished letters or personal correspondence, include the name of the person who received the letter. List their first name first, followed by their middle initial (if any) and their last name. Place a comma after the name, then include the date they received the letter in day-month-year format.