What is vocabulary and its types?

What is vocabulary and its types?

Vocabulary refers to the words we must understand to communicate effectively. Educators often consider four types of vocabulary: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Listening vocabulary refers to the words we need to know to understand what we hear.

What is the vocabulary of a 6 year old?

6 The 6-year-old child typically has a 2,600 word expressive vocabulary (words he or she says), and a receptive vocabulary (words he or she understands) of 000 words.

What is vocabulary and why is it important?

Vocabulary is key to reading comprehension. Readers cannot understand what they are reading without knowing what most of the words mean. As children learn to read more advanced texts, they must learn the meaning of new words that are not part of their oral vocabulary.

How can I improve my vocabulary in primary school?


  1. 1 | Display fascinating words. A great first step is helping children to be aware of any unfamiliar or interesting words they encounter.
  2. 2 | Create word webs.
  3. 3 | Explore morphology.
  4. 4 | Collect words from reading.
  5. 5 | Choose the words carefully.
  6. 6 | Think about idioms.
  7. 7 | Explore different vocabularies.

How can I improve my 5th grade vocabulary?

Reading a variety of texts is one of the most effective ways for fifth graders to increase their vocabulary. When children read, they encounter unfamiliar vocabulary words and are often able to use context to figure out the meaning. Over time, a child’s vocabulary will grow.

What is the best way to teach vocabulary?

In an explicit approach to vocabulary instruction, teachers should model the skills and understanding required to develop a rich vocabulary knowledge.

  1. Say the word carefully.
  2. Write the word.
  3. Show students how to recognise new words.
  4. Reinforce their remember new words.
  5. Have them use their new words.
  6. Graphics organisers.

When should you teach vocabulary?

Vocabulary Before

  • students can focus on vocabulary alone and then focus on reading.
  • the reading is easier to understand.
  • there is less of a need to stop and look up words (stopping makes it harder to get the gist of a reading)
  • students have a handy list for later review.
  • there is more exposure to new words.

What are the benefits of vocabulary?

Explore the Words

  • articulate. express or state clearly.
  • comprehension. an ability to understand the meaning of something.
  • eloquence. powerful and effective language.
  • enlightenment. education that results in the spread of knowledge.
  • erudition. profound scholarly knowledge.
  • expression.
  • fluency.
  • literacy.

How do you enrich students vocabulary?

How To Improve Students’ Vocabulary Using Innovative Ways

  1. FLASHCARDS. One effective way to master the rote-learning aspect of words and ensure that they stick in your students’ memory is by using flashcards.

How should a 6 year old speak?

A 6-year-old child, typically in first grade, normally will: Speak in simple but complete sentences with five to seven words….A 6-year-old should:

  1. Begin to read books that are right for their age.
  2. Sound out or decode unfamiliar words.
  3. Focus on a task in school for 15 minutes.

How do you manage your vocabulary?

10 Sure-Fire Strategies to Improve Your Vocabulary

  1. Read Voraciously. It’s undeniable that reading is the most effective way to get new vocabulary.
  2. Make Friends with the Dictionary.
  3. Use It or Lose It.
  4. Learn One New Word a Day.
  5. Understand the True Meaning of Words.
  6. Maintain a Personal Lexicon.
  7. Follow a Process.
  8. Play and Have Fun.

How can I use vocabulary in the classroom?

Log in to Vocabulary.com, and review each of the classes you’re teaching. For each class, click on the assigned word list, and review the top three words your students were having trouble with. Write the three words on the board.

How can I improve my 2 year olds vocabulary?

6 Ways to Increase Your Toddler’s Vocabulary through Play

  1. Use sensory words.
  2. Explore a variety of environments together.
  3. Role play ideas from books.
  4. Encourage your tot to play with children of different ages.
  5. Make a wide variety of toys available that require different types of language.
  6. Give your tot time to play with you and play alone.

What is vocabulary mean?

Vocabulary is all about words — the words in a language or a special set of words you are trying to learn. First used in the 1500s to mean a list of words with explanations, the noun vocabulary came to refer to the “range of language of a person or group” about two hundred years later.

What is academic vocabulary?

Academic Vocabulary is defined as words that are traditionally used in academic dialogue and text. Specifically, it refers to words that are not necessarily common or frequently encountered in informal conversation.

How can I improve my child’s vocabulary ks2?

7 ways to boost children’s vocabulary

  1. Expose children to a wide variety of language.
  2. Put vocabulary on display.
  3. Build time into English lessons for experimenting with vocabulary.
  4. Make time for lots of speaking and listening activities.
  5. Be a role model.
  6. Play games with language.
  7. Give children real reasons to communicate.