What is the plot of Chapter 10 in Lyddie?

What is the plot of Chapter 10 in Lyddie?

Chapter 10 recounts Lyddie’s first full day working in the factory. The routine is brutal, beginning before dawn and lasting thirteen hours, with only two short breaks for meals in between. The noise in the factory is oppressive, and the air “laden with moisture and debris”.

Who are the characters in Chapter 13 of Lyddie?

The main characters in this chapter are Lyddie and Diana. Lyddie is a factory worker who is trying to raise money to pay off her family’s debts. Diana is a friend of hers who has been at the factory for fifteen years and is part of the movement for a ten hour work day.

How does the letter from her mom affect Lyddie?

The letter that she receives from her mother. Lyddie learns that her little sister, Agnes, has died and that her mom is in need of more money to help the family. Lyddie’s reaction to the letter is that she works ever-harder to help her hurting family.

What chapter does Lyddie get hurt?

Chapter 13

What are Betsy and Amelia arguing about?

Betsy and Amelia argue over the pros and cons of those ideas, and Lyddie is opposed to both. At this point in the story, Lyddie is working multiple looms and making a fair amount of money. A walk out means that she is out of work and a paycheck.

Why is Betsy leaving Lyddie?

Betsy leaves the mill because she is too sick to work and wants to go to college. Betsy is a factory worker and a friend of Lyddie’s.

How does the speed up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie?

How does the factory speed-up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie? She is mentally and physically exhausted. She is worried abut Betsy. She eats more to keep up her energy.

How does Lyddie feel about Brigid Chapter 14?

In Chapter 14, Lyddie returns to work before she is fully recovered from being hit by the shuttle. At work, to her chagrin, Lyddie is given a new girl to train, an “Irish papist” named Brigid. The girl is inept, and Lyddie finds it hard to be patient with her because her own piecework is compromised.

What does blacklisted mean in Lyddie?

You’d be blacklisted. No other corporation would hire you said Lyddie” (91,92). This quote means that the consequence of signing the petition is you’ll get fired and blacklisted, meaning you can’t get another job anywhere.

What happened in Lyddie Chapter 12?

In Chapter 12, Lyddie has been working at the mill awhile. She is getting used to it. Part of the book takes place at the boarding house, where Lyddie gets Oliver Twist. This book inspires her, because she relates to the story of a struggling orphan.

Why does Lyddie want to sign the petition?

In chapter twelve the factory made her friends become ill. Lyddie should sign the petition because the factory tires her out more easily. Another reason lyddie should sign is because it made her friends become ill. Signing the petition will be the best thing she does in her life.

What would happens if Lyddie sign the petition?

When Lyddie goes to sign the petition, she learns that it has already failed. She is devastated. They assume, as Amelia says, that they will lose their jobs if they complain or if they sign the petition. Lyddie is upset because she needs the money to pay off her family’s debts.