What is the format of article writing?

What is the format of article writing?

– An article should begin with an apt heading and the writer’s name. Student gets one mark for this part. – Introduction of the topic, suggestive measures (if necessary and conclusion are an important part of the article content. This section broadly covers 4 marks of the total 10 marks.

Why do you think Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence?

Rashid’s uncle told him not to buy anything in his absence because he knew that the shopkeepers would make a fool of Rashid and cheat him. 2. The shop was called Lucky Shop because the shopkeeper wanted everybody to try their luck.

What made the Ghost believe?

Answer : The ghost struck the spot with a stout club where he thought Vijay Singh head was. He struck the bloster six more times. When no groan was heard, he believed that Vijay Singh was dead because of his attack.

What made the ghost speechless Why?

Why? Answer: Vijay Singh pretended to be brave. He looked at Natwar’s face and said that he was a plain, lying ghost. This made the ghost speechless because people used to get afraid when they saw him but here, Vijay Singh was brave and confident.

Why was Rasheed upset 6?

Rasheed was upset because he had hopes of winning a big prize and he continued trying his luck again and again. People were looking at him and laughing at his bad luck, but no one showed any sympathy. He played till he finished all his money. 6.

What is an article writing PDF?

An article is usually an independent piece of prose found in newspapers or magazines. It is usually non-fiction and informative in nature. The name of the writer is always mentioned with the article. Think of the kind of readers expected to read the article and then attempt to write it.

What was the crocodile unwilling to invite friends home?

Answer: The crocodile was unwilling to invite his friend home because his wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile did not want to betray his best friend.

What happens to your body when we sleep class 6?

What happens to our body when we sleep? Answer: During sleep, the muscles of our body become relaxed, our heartbeat becomes slower and our temperature and blood pressure also go down.

How did Vijay Singh defeat the ghost with his intelligence?

He was intelligent and defeated the ghost through his cleverness. He used the gift given by an old lady to fool the ghost. The ghost could not crush pieces of rocks but Vijay Singh, taking advantage of the darkness crushed an egg and the lump of salt.