What is most likely the reason Gabriel chose to write his essay with this point of view?

What is most likely the reason Gabriel chose to write his essay with this point of view?

Answer. The Gabriel chooses to write his essay with the first person point of view. Because the first person point of view is used to connect the reader with the narrator easily. This makes the reader understand the essay clearly.

What type of parenting is most effective?


What are 4 psychological needs?

There are four basic needs: The need for Attachment; the need for Control/Orientation; the need for Pleasure/Avoidance of Pain; and the need for Self-Enhancement.

When planning a narrative essay the writer should order events?

Answer. When a writer is planning a narrative, the order of events should be placed in such a manner that it develops interest among the readers. This can be done by developing a conflict in the midde of the essay which makes the narration less boring and repitative.

When I talk about the experience now I have mixed emotions?

On the one hand, I’m envious of how simple life was before the accident. But on the other, I’ve grown so much as a result of everything that happened that, in an odd way, I’m grateful.

What are the 8 needs that families meet?

These personal and others-related needs are listed in order of essential to potential, according to Abraham Maslow (1968), and include meeting needs in the following order: physiological (food, water, shelter); safety (security); love and belonging (close relationships); success and esteem (feeling worthwhile and …

Why is giving alternatives an important part of setting limits?

They are trying to deal with their emotions and need to learn how to handle them safely. Offer other ways they can express themselves that are acceptable to you. It is also important that the child feels they have the ability to make their own choice, which helps them learn responsibility and problem solving.

When revising a narrative essay the writer should include sensory language that allows the reader to see smell hear feel and taste what is going on in the story?

Answer: When revising a narrative essay, the writer should include sensorial details that allows the reader to see, small, hear, feel and taste what is going on in the story. Explanation: “Use all five of your senses to describe the setting, characters, and the plot of your story.

Can you have joy without sadness?

Happiness is not a stand-alone emotion. The height of personal happiness can only be measured by the depth of personal sadness. Happiness is not a stand-alone feeling. Without sadness, happiness has no meaning.

Is it OK to have mixed feelings in a relationship?

You may feel you need to have only one feeling towards a person. However, mixed feelings are common. In fact, the majority of relationships you have will come with some degree of mixed feelings. If you still want to be with someone, despite mixed feelings, this is actually a good sign.

What should narrative writing include?

Narratives are mostly written as stories, and they must include all the basic story elements. They must have characters, conflicts and plot events. The story arc needs to follow an introduction, a climax and a resolution. The plot needs to be presented in an organized manner to avoid confusion.

Which is the best critique explaining why Henrique?

The best critique to explain why Henrique should revise the paragraph is that he needs to add some descriptive language to make the story come alive.

What four steps are involved in setting limits?

Four steps involved in setting limits include: showing understanding of the child’s desires, setting the limit and explaining it, acknowledge the child’s feelings, and giving alternatives.

What should a writer plan to include at the end of a narrative essay?

a description of the setting a reflection on what was learned an identification of the major people involved a description of the challenges and obstacles a discussion about how the experience caused change.

What 3 questions should parents consider in setting limits?

What three questions should parents consider in setting limits? Does it allow them to learn, explore, and grow? Is it fair? Does the limit benefit the child?

What is it called when you have mixed emotions?

Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous conflicting reactions, beliefs, or feelings towards some object. The term also refers to situations where “mixed feelings” of a more general sort are experienced, or where a person experiences uncertainty or indecisiveness.

How do I fix bad parenting?

Three Vital Steps to Repair Parenting Mistakes

  1. Conflict and emotional breaks.
  2. Step 1: Take the initiative to resolve the conflict.
  3. Step two: Express your emotion appropriately to your child.
  4. Step three: Encourage your child to express their feelings.

Is it normal to have mixed emotions?

When you have mixed emotions toward someone, it’s because you’re feeling both positive and negative feelings about them. You are worried that your romantic attraction isn’t enough. These feelings can mess with your mental health. You want to be happy in a relationship where you love your partner.

When planning his narrative essay should Noam?

When planning his narrative essay, should Noam include a section about how his experience affected him? Yes, he should include at the end of the essay information about what he learned and if it changed him. Read the passage from the end of a narrative essay. When I talk about the experience now, I have mixed emotions.