What is a antonym for convention?

What is a antonym for convention?

convention. Antonyms: recess, non-convention, dissolution, prorogation, promise, understanding, word, parole. Synonyms: assemblage, meeting, gathering, conference, cabinet, convocation, congress, session, synod, treaty, compact.

What are the writing conventions?

Writing conventions such as spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar help make a student’s essay clear and understandable. When the audience can finish reading, without having to stop to try to figure out what was actually intended, the value of learning these writing conventions becomes clear.

What is standard English conventions on Sat?

The Standard English Conventions questions on the SAT Writing and Language Test deal with a wide range of sentence structure, usage, and punctuation issues. To answer them correctly, you’ll have to apply your knowledge of language conventions and your editing skills to a variety of multiparagraph passages.

What is debate in English grammar?

A debate is a discussion about a subject on which people have different views. A debate is a formal discussion, for example in a parliament or institution, in which people express different opinions about a particular subject and then vote on it.

What are generic conventions in English?

Generic Conventions are the features shown by texts that allow them to be put into a specific genre. For example almost all Westerns use the Iconography of cowboy hats, six shooters, horses and spurs to place them in their genre. Audiences can easily identify a genre of text and choose to consume it or not.

What are two different meanings of convention?

1 : an agreement between nations for regulation of matters affecting all of them. 2 : an agreement enforceable in law : contract. 3 : an assembly of persons met for a common purpose especially : a meeting of the delegates of a political party for the purpose of formulating a platform and selecting candidates for office.

How do you use conventions?

Conventions refers to the mechanical correctness of a piece of writing. Correct use of conventions, such as spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, paragraphing, grammar and usage, guides the reader through the text easily.

What is debate speech?

A debate is a structured argument. Two sides speak alternately for and against a particular contention usually based on a topical issue. Unlike the arguments you might have with your family or friends however, each person is allocated a time they are allowed to speak for and any interjections are carefully controlled.

What are filmic conventions?

The conventions of a genre are the elements that commonly occur in such films. They may include things like characters, situations, settings, props, themes and events. For example, a convention of the science-fiction genre is that the story often includes robots, aliens, time-travel or genetic manipulation.

What is a synonym for Constitutional Convention?

Synonyms. ossification conformity orthodoxy conventionalism conventional conventionality unconventional.

What is a synonym for convention?

SYNONYMS. agreement, accord, protocol, compact, pact. treaty, concordat, entente. understanding, arrangement. contract, bargain, deal.

What is the root word of convention?

Etymology. Recorded since about 1440, borrowed from Middle French convention, from Latin conventiō (“meeting, assembling; agreement, convention”), from conveniō (“come, gather or meet together, assemble”), from con- (“with, together”) + veniō (“come”).

What are two words that mean convention?

Synonyms of convention

  • assembly,
  • congress,
  • convocation,
  • council,
  • gathering,
  • get-together,
  • huddle,
  • meeting.