What does Esperanza dislike about her name?

What does Esperanza dislike about her name?

The name Esperanza means “hope,” but she hates her name. She feels it means “sadness, it means waiting.” She explains that it was her great-grandmother’s name–a woman who was born in the Chinese Year of the horse, like Esperanza.

What does Esperanza learn about her new life?

a. She should teach the workers new things, just as they are teaching her.

Why does Esperanza get a job?

Esperanza has been planning to get a job to help pay her tuition at Catholic high school, but she’s caught off guard the day Aunt Lala comes over and tells her to show up for work at the Peter Pan Photo Finishers.

WHO encourages Esperanza to get an education?

Esperanza admires her friendly neighbor Alicia who “inherited her mama’s rolling pin and sleepiness, is young and smart and studies for the 1st time at a university”(30). Alicia was meant to inherit her dead mother’s role in the house but she decided to get a better education instead.

When Esperanza arrives at the work camp and sees the living conditions How does she react?

Esperanza feels horrified when she first sees her new living conditions but Mama helps her to see the bright side. Then, Miguel makes her feel better after Marta makes fun of her.

What do the fruits symbolize in Esperanza Rising?

The grapes symbolize that Esperanza cuts the first grapes of the harvest at El Rancho de las Rosas. The grapes also symbolize Esperanza’s anguish at the death of her Papa. Another example are peaches, the second to last chapter in the book. The peaches symbolize that it is the time of the year that you harvest peaches.

Who did Esperanza Ortega marry?

Jesus Muñoz

Why do you think Mamacita doesn’t learn English?

Once she arrives Mamacita never leaves the apartment, and she refuses to learn English. Some of the neighbors think she never leaves because she is too fat to get down the stairs, but Esperanza thinks it is because Mamacita is afraid of English. Mamacita starts to cry and tells him “no speak English” over and over.

How many siblings does Esperanza have?

three siblings

What is the meaning of Esperanza Rising?

hope rising

What does Esperanza say about her name?

In Spanish, esperanza means “hope.” The word does not have a dictionary definition in English. When Esperanza says her name means “waiting,” she has taken the Spanish verb esperar, which means “to wait or expect,” and superimposed it on the noun hope.

What are Esperanza’s jobs at the camp?

What is Mama’s job at the camp? Mama picks grapes in the field. Mama is responsible for sweeping the platform. Mama is responsible for watching the twins while Josefina is at work.

What does Esperanza mean?

Esperanza is a Spanish feminine given name, meaning “hope” or “expectation”.

What is the significance of the names in this chapter that Esperanza wishes she had?

Names are a sign of one’s identity, and Esperanza wishes to change her identity (to some degree) and move away from the house on Mango Street.

Why is Esperanza ashamed of her house?

Esperanza shows she’s ashamed when she said,” The house I belonged but do not belong to.” (Cisneros 110). This quote shows Esperanza is ashamed because she is talking about how she lives on Mango Street but she doesn’t belong and doesn’t want to. This shows how children can be so selfish.

Why does Esperanza say we are tired of being beautiful?

She is getting more confident in herself and thinks she looks good. After she and her friends walk around a little in high heeled shoes and are given attention by men Esperanza says, “We are tired of being beautiful.” (Cisneros 42). This situation shows that the girls are not quite grown up yet.

What is a nickname for Esperanza?

It’s a happy name, a “hopeful” name and a wistfully beautiful one. Potential nicknames include Anza, Espie, Essie, Pelancha, Pera, Rani, Ranza and Zaza.

Why was Esperanza so angry with Mama?

Why was Esperanza so angry with Mama? She gave her doll away.