What are the arguments made for the justification of civil disobedience?

What are the arguments made for the justification of civil disobedience?

To claim a right to civil disobedience is to claim that others have a duty to allow the agent to commit the act. Nonetheless it is justifiable to violate an immoral law (and even a moral law provided one is unable to violate the immoral law~ but would have been justified in doing so.)

Is disobedience a character trait?

If no one ever disobeyed what was considered acceptable, a nation or group would never reconsider their way of life to consider if they are wrong and correct their mistakes. For this reason, I agree that disobedience is a valuable human trait and it promotes social progress.

Is civil disobedience wrong?

Its primary finding may be summarized in this lesson: Civil disobedience is justifiable but dangerous. It is justifiable, where circumstances warrant, by the first principles of the American republic and of free, constitutional government, and it is dangerous in that it poses a threat to the rule of law.

How poor peasants saw the civil disobedience movement?

The peasants joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-34) because poor peasantry were not just interested in the lowering of the revenue demand. Many had rented land. They could not pay rent because of the depression and dwindling cash incomes. They wanted the unpaid rent to landlord remitted.

What was the civil disobedience movement class 10?

Hint: The Civil disobedience movement was one of the Indian National Movement when people started protesting against the British government because of their harsh policies and rules. Then in 1920, the Non- Cooperation Movement was launched where people of India started boycotting foreign goods, institutes and jobs.

What action did British government take after Dandi march?

A frightened government responded with a policy of brutal suppression. . Peaceful satyagrahis were attacked, women and children were beaten, and about 1,00,000 people were arrested.

Why did rich peasants take part in civil disobedience movement?

Answer. Explanation: Rich peasants and women took part in Civil Disobedience Movement: For the rich peasants, it was a struggle against high revenues that they had to pay so they didn’t approve of movement being called off the revenue rates decreasing.

Is disobedience good for society?

Civil Disobedience is effective because it creates a lose-lose situation for whatever Power the Disobedience is directed towards. Civil disobedience provides a check against totalitarianism by showing that citizens won’t follow unjust laws and that there are limits to the use of discipline.

Under what conditions is civil disobedience justified?

So we generally are obligated to obey unjust laws, because they are a necessary result of just political procedures, which we have an obligation to support. We are justified in disobeying unjust laws only when their injustice reflects a betrayal of the principles governing fair and equal social cooperation.

Who were the participants of civil disobedience movement?

Features of the Civil Disobedience Movement : Kasturba Gandhi, Kamladevi Chattopadhyay, Avantikabai Gokhale, Lilavati Munshi, Hansaben Mehta like popular women led the satyagraha movement. Non-violence was the motto of this movement. On continuous suppression by the Britishers, this movement did not turn back.

What was civil disobedience movement in India?

India’s first civil disobedience movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi to protest against the injustice meted out to tenant farmers in Champaran district of Bihar. It is widely regarded as the place where Gandhi made his first experiments in satyagraha and then replicated them elsewhere .

How Is disobedience a valuable human trait?

The Irish author Oscar Wilde claimed that disobedience is a valuable human trait and that it promotes social progress. Therefore, disobedience promoted the abolition of slavery, gave women equal rights, and even gave gay rights, which are all examples of social progression.

Why is civil disobedience important in our society?

Civil disobedience is an important part of a democratic country because it is one of the driving factors that allow individuals to exercise their rights to free speech and speak up against an unfair and unjust government and its laws.