What are examples of a right and responsibility that goes with that right?

What are examples of a right and responsibility that goes with that right?

These rights include a right to a safe home and a right to education. Leaders establish laws to help protect peoples’ rights. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY AND TO LEARN FROM YOUR HOME AND SCHOOL, NOT ONLY CHORES AND SCHOOLWORK, BUT ALSO HOW TO BE A RESPONSIBLE KID AND STUDENT.

How do rights and responsibilities go together?

Rights and duties are closely related and cannot be separated from one another. Both go side by side. If the state gives the right to life to a citizen, it also imposes an obligation on him to not to expose his life to dangers, as well as to respect the life of others.

What is your constitutional right?

The first amendment states many important fundamental rights that you should know. The first amendment also states that the people have a right to free speech, freedom from press, peaceful assembly, and the right to petition the government. …

What violates due process?

Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.

What is right and duties of a citizen?

must abide and implement the principle in their national constitution. Duties are functions which citizens perform towards the country (government and their fellow men). Defend the country and promote democratic ideals (by participating in elections). Obeying rules and regulations.

Why rights are complemented with responsibilities?

Rights and duties are correlative. The fundamental duties serve as a constant reminder to every citizen while the Constitution specifically conferred on them certain fundamental rights. Certain basic norms of democratic conduct and democratic behaviour must be observed by the citizens.

Why is digital rights and responsibilities important?

Knowing your rights and responsibilities is always important, especially when online. The Internet expands our right of freedom of speech; with that freedom comes the responsibility of treating others with respect. Treating others with respect is just as important online as it is in person.

What rights are guaranteed as a citizen and which are important to you?

Five major rights are freedom of speech, the right to a fair and public trial, the right to due process, the right to vote freely, and the right to worship freely.

How can a citizen be responsible?

Responsible citizens A responsible citizen abides by all the law and order of the country. They are entitled to exercise all the fundamental rights and duties, such as casting a vote, paying government taxes and protecting the country from corruption.