Is everyone dead in Lost?

Is everyone dead in Lost?

So, to clear up the confusion: in the flashsideways scenes, these characters are dead. But no, they were not dead all along after the plane crashed.

Is Walt found in Lost?

Walt appears in thirty episodes of Lost; 27 in seasons one and two as a series regular, and three more episodes as a guest star. He also features in the Lost epilogue “The New Man in Charge”. Throughout the series, he is the only child main character.

Why did the others want Jack Kate and Sawyer?

They wanted Jack to perform surgery on Ben and they knew that Kate could be a helping hand in getting him to do so. However, when Kate returns to the beach Sawyer lets her in Mysteries a collection of the reasons Island… He ‘s not Locke-ness ) n’t catch it in his eyes in the Others, who themselves.

Who is John Locke’s father lost?

Anthony Cooper

Did John Locke want a democracy?

John Locke was the architect behind the Western democracies as they exist today. He presented his ideas in his principal work “Two Treatises of Government” in 1690. Unlike Hobbes, he believed that this social contract should be a democracy. John Locke was a very important inspiration to the American Revolution.

Why did they kill Shannon on Lost?

Same thing happened with Charlotte in season 5. Ana-Lucia happened. I remember at the time she was written off there were rumors that there was conflict between the producers and her management due to money and they couldn’t come to terms, hence Shannon was killed off.

What did Sawyer ask Kate for him?

Sawyer put money into escrow for Clementine. He wanted Kate to go to Cassidy and explain the trust fund and that Clementine’s father loved her, and maybe Cassidy as well.

What is the role of the government according to John Locke?

According to Locke, the main purpose of government is to protect those natural rights that the individual cannot effectively protect in a state of nature.