How does the speed-up affect the other girls in Lyddie?

How does the speed-up affect the other girls in Lyddie?

Lyddie does not complain about the speedup, but she does get hurt and sick. Lyddie becomes a factory worker after her mother leaves. She does not last long working at a tavern before she gets fired, and she has learned that she can make more money at the factory.

Why does Lyddie return to the tavern Chapter 23?

Lyddie told Triphena that Mama had died and Uncle Judah had sold the farm. Lyddie felt sad telling Triphena how her life had seemed to have turned out. Lyddie told Triphena that she wanted to come back and work at the tavern.

What does beholden mean in Lyddie?

To feel you have a duty to

What are Lyddie’s weaknesses?

What are Lyddie’s weaknesses? examples: She can’t read well and therefore can’t read through the contract she signs with the mill. She is not good at trusting other people to do things for her.

Why does Lyddie not complain about the speed-up?

Why did Lyddie not complain about the speed-up? a. More than anything, she wanted to earn enough money to reunite her family and get the farm back. She wanted to earn more money, and the corporation raised wages when it sped up the machinery.

What momentous decision does Lyddie’s mother make in chapter one?

Expert Answers Lyddie ‘s mother actually makes two momentous decisions in chapter 1. First of all, she decides to move the family to her sister’s house in Poultney. This is because Mama has got it into her head that the end of the world is coming.

How does the speed-up affect Lyddie Chapter 13?

How does the factory speed-up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie? She is mentally and physically exhausted. She is worried abut Betsy. She eats more to keep up her energy.

What does Lyddie do in Chapter 20 that does not match with her previous behavior?

What does Lyddie do in chapter 20 that does NOT match with her previous behavior? Marsden’s inappropriate behavior. She works harder and harder at the looms at the factory. She becomes upset when thinking about Charlie.

Why was Diana leaving the factory?

Lyddie learns that her friend Diana is leaving the factory because she is pregnant. As Chapter 19 begins, Lyddie is upset because her brother Charles has come to get Rachel and take her home with him. Lyddie couldn’t sign the petition because the petition had already failed.