How do you fill blanks in English grammar?

How do you fill blanks in English grammar?

He —————– have fine clothes, lots of money and a number of servants. I wish I —————– (have) his luck. ‘ He ——————– (decide) to visit his friend to enjoy his hospitality. When he —————— (reach) the palace, the king himself ——————– (receive) him with respect and affection.

How do you create a matching question?

Create a Matching question

  1. Access a test, survey, or pool.
  2. Type the Question Text.
  3. Select Answer Numbering from the menu or leave the default.
  4. Select the Number of Questions from the menu.
  5. Type question and answer pairs.
  6. Optionally, you can select Add unmatched answer choices and choose a number.

Can I copy a quiz question in canvas?

If you find the question or questions there then you can copy or move them out and into their own bank for easier access. Then when you go to create a quiz you can choose this question bank and it will copy or add the question to your quiz.

How do you write fill in the blank questions?

Here are some things to keep in mind when developing these types of questions.

  1. Keep them simple and clear.
  2. Ensure there is only one correct answer for the blank.
  3. Use the blank judiciously.
  4. Keep answers brief.
  5. Limit the number of blanks per question.
  6. Don’t give clues to the correct response in the question.
  7. Review it carefully.

How do I move a quiz question in canvas?

If you have a large quiz, you may want to use the Move option to reorder your quiz.

  1. Open Move Dialog Menu. Click the drag handle next to the quiz question or group.
  2. Move Quiz Question or Group.
  3. Move Question into Question Group.

What is the one word which can complete all words?

Answer: The one word which can be used in order to complete all of the given words, is the word called, “ARE”.

How do you make matching questions on canvas?

Creating a Matching Question for a Quiz

  1. Choose Matching from the Question Type dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the question.
  3. Click + Add Another Answer to add each possible answer pair.
  4. Enter the first part of the matching pair in the text box on the left and the second part in the text box on the right.

How do you shuffle questions on canvas quiz?

Create a New Question Group

  1. Click the Questions tab [1]. Click the New Question Group button [2]
  2. Give your question group a name [1].
  3. Decide how many questions you want Canvas to randomly select from the group [2] and the number of points assigned to each question [3].
  4. Click the Create Group button.

How do I organize my canvas quiz?

You can also organize quizzes by placing them in Modules. You can view all of the quizzes in your course on the Quizzes Index page. As an instructor, you can also add quizzes, create quiz groups, and modify quiz settings. You can also reorder quizzes and quiz groups.

What is fill in the blank questions?

A Fill in the Blank question consists of a phrase, sentence, or paragraph with a blank space where a student provides the missing word or words. Use Fill in Multiple Blanks questions to create a question with multiple answers.

How do you write a matching question?

Constructing Matching Questions

  1. Directions should provide a clear basis for matching.
  2. Include 4 to 10 items in each list.
  3. Include approximately 3 extra items from which responses are chosen.
  4. Shuffle the order of the items in each column.
  5. Use brief phrases and as few words as possible in each list.

How do I export a quiz on canvas?

How do I export quiz content from a course?

  1. Open Settings. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.
  2. Export Course Content. In the sidebar, click the Export Course Content button.
  3. Choose Export Type. Click the radio button for Quiz Export [1]. Choose the Quizzes you want to export [2].
  4. View Quiz Export. When the export is complete, click the New Export link.

What is a formula question in canvas?

The Formula Question type in Canvas can be used to generate questions for tests, exams or practice where different number values are inserted into a formula every time the question is accessed.

How do I fill in multiple blanks in canvas?

Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question for a Quiz

  1. Choose Fill in Multiple Blanks from the Question Type dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the question.
  3. Click the dropdown menu next to Show Possible Answers for and choose one of the blanks.
  4. Enter a possible answer.

How do you fill in the blanks on canvas?

Creating a Fill in the Blank Question for a Quiz

  1. Choose Fill in the Blank from the Question Type dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the question.
  3. Enter a possible answer.
  4. If you need to add or delete the number of possible answers, either click + Add Another Answer or the Delete icon.