How do you become affirmative?

How do you become affirmative?

In its affirmative form, it confirms characteristics of the subject and is placed after it. The forms are: I am, you are, he is, she is, it is, we are, you are and they are. For example: — “I am tall.” = We use am for the first person singular.

How do you use affirmative sentences?

I cannot reply definitely in the affirmative to the question. He nodded, as she seemed to expect an answer in the affirmative. They answered in the affirmative, saying that he was an Arhat. As he was anxious to propitiate his captors, he answered as often as possible in the affirmative.

How computer change the way we think Summary?

As Sherry Turkle states, it argues how computers have influenced us in our lives to every aspect of who and what we are. Turkle explains how we are creations of what we think. Then adds that with computers having changed the way we think, they have influenced everything that we do. Everything now-a-days uses computers.

How are computers changing the way humans think?

How do computers affect the ways in which our brains work? There are research reports which suggest that we think differently if we have prolonged exposure to computers, that we lose our capacity for empathy with other people, that we live more in the day-to -day and stop thinking critically about things.

What is an affirmative statement?

The word “affirmative” simply means that you are stating something is so. By extension, in English grammar, an affirmative statement is any sentence or declaration that is positive.

Can you touch the sky affirmative to negative?


What is the meaning of so did I?

I had the same experience as you

Is affirmative and assertive same?

Affirmative sentences indicate a positive sense or meaning. Assertive sentences declare, state, or assert a fact or opinion.

Where do we use so do I?

So do i

  1. He is worried about the changes. So am I. He is worried about the changes, and I am also worried.
  2. They arrived yesterday. So did we. We all arrived yesterday.
  3. Philip likes his job. So does Kevin. Philip and Kevin both like their jobs.
  4. She should sign up now. So should you. You should both sign up now.

How do you turn a negative into a positive?

How to turn negative language into positive with ease

  1. “Just” and “Sorry”
  2. “I think” and “I feel”
  3. “But….”
  4. “You could have” or “You should have”
  5. “I don’t have time for this right now.
  6. “Can’t Complain” or “Not too bad”
  7. “If only…..”
  8. Filler words “like”, “sort of”, “um” and “you know”

How do you respond to so-so?

10 Answers

  1. good: I am doing well, I am good, I am fine, I am great, Doing well, I’m excellent!, ‘Great.
  2. bad: Not so great, I could be better, (a sigh), I’ve had better days, Fine considering,

When to use so do I and so am I?

You: Oh, so I do! SO AM I If somebody tells you something with the verb TO BE, and if the answer is the same for you, we use “so am I.” For example: Your friend: I am hungry. You: So am I. (you could also say “I am too” or “me too”) Your friend: I am working on Friday.

What is the difference between affirmative and negative sentences?

Essentially an affirmative (positive) form is used to express the validity or truth of a basic assertion, while a negative form expresses its falsity. Examples are the sentences “Jane is here” and “Jane is not here”; the first is affirmative, while the second is negative. This means that a sentence, verb phrase, etc.

How do you form affirmative sentences?

For example: — “I work on important projects.” = The sentence is in the present simple affirmative, so we use the base form of the verb to work (work). — “She works on important projects.” = The subject is she, so we add -s to the base form of the verb to work (works)….

Subject Verb
You work
He works
She works
It works

Is Soso a word?

Soso means ‘dull’ or ‘bland’. Soso can be used in two contexts: when talking about food or about something or someone. When describing food, soso translates as ‘tasteless’ or ‘bland’.

What are some examples of affirmative action?

Examples of affirmative action offered by the United States Department of Labor include outreach campaigns, targeted recruitment, employee and management development, and employee support programs. The impetus towards affirmative action is to redress the disadvantages associated with overt historical discrimination.

What are the examples of affirmative?

18 Affirmative Sentences, Examples of Affirmative Sentences

  • It snows a lot in winter in Russia.
  • We live in Texas.
  • Water freezes at 0°C.
  • I like to draw pictures.
  • You go to holiday every summer.
  • I must draw up three papers in as many days.
  • He plays the trumpet, and she plays the trombone.
  • The cat is sleeping on the couch.

How do you change affirmative sentences?

Change into the affirmative

  1. A griffin is not as rapacious as him.
  2. No other poet is as great as Wordsworth.
  3. No sooner did he come than he started creating trouble.
  4. No other mountain in the world is so high as Mount Everest.
  5. He is not always wise.
  6. I didn’t notice his presence in the room.
  7. Nobody will deny that he did his best.

Is Soso a Scrabble word?

No, soso is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What am I so so at meaning?

adjective. If you say that something is so-so, you mean that it is average in quality, rather than being very good or very bad. [informal] Their lunch was only so-so.

How do you change affirmative to negative?

Change affirmative sentences into negative sentences | CBSE Grammar worksheets

  1. Affirmative: I was doubtful if I would pass. Negative: I was not sure if I would pass.
  2. Affirmative: She is richer than me. Negative: I am not as rich as her.
  3. Affirmative: King Alfred was the greatest king that ever ruled England.

What do you mean by affirmative?

1 : an expression (such as the word yes) of affirmation or assent. 2 : the side that upholds the proposition stated in a debate. 3 logic : an affirmative (see affirmative entry 1 sense 4) proposition. in the affirmative. : with an affirmative reply : with a reply that means “yes” He answered in the affirmative.

What does Soso mean in text?

What does SOSO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
SOSO Same Old Same Old
SOSO Spouse or Significant Other

What is another word for so-so?

SYNONYMS FOR so-so 1 mediocre, fair, ordinary, average, passable.

Do you know me change into affirmative sentence?

Answer. Answer: “You know me.”

What is the form of positive and negative agreement in English?

The easiest way to agree in English is to say “Me too” (to agree with a positive statement) or “Me neither” (to agree with a negative statement): “I love strawberry ice cream.” “Me too!” “I don’t go to the gym very often.”