How did monarchs travel?

How did monarchs travel?

Answer:the travels of monarch X has changed his life as he started to have curiosity about knowing new things. He even got interested in doing researches. His mother even helped him. And as he also started getting responses he became keen to do it more.

Who encouraged Ebright in his interest in learning?

Answer: Richard Ebright’s mother helped him by encouraging his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments, and helped him in many other ways. If he did not have anything to do, she found things for him to learn.

How many types of butterflies did Ebright collect when he was in the second grade?

“On everyday things he was just like every other kid,” his mother said. By the time he was in the second grade, Ebright had collected all twenty- five species of butterflies found around his hometown.

Why does Ebright lose interest in butterflies?

Ebright used to tag butterflies wings and let them go. In fact, the basement of his house was home to thousands of monarch butterflies. He started losing interest in it because it was a tedious job and there wasn’t much feedback.

Which was Ebright hometown?

Reading , Pennsylvania

Why do you think Mr Weiherer was pleased?

Answer: Mr. Whierer was pleased that Ebright balanced academics as well as his hobbies like the that of the research towards the butterflies. As a teacher, he always wanted Ebright’s growth as a well-rounded personality.

How can we solve problems in school?

Teach Students the 4 Problem-Solving Steps

  1. Ignore it. (It takes more courage to walk away than to stay and fight.)
  2. Talk it over respectfully. Tell the other person how you feel.
  3. Agree together on a solution. For example:
  4. Ask for help if you can’t work it out together. Put it on the class meeting agenda.

How many types of butterflies did Ebright collect when he was in the second grade class 10?

25 species

What is the role of his mother in his success?

Answer. Ebright’s mother was a great force behind the making of Ebright as a scientist. She encouraged his interest in learning by taking him on trips, she bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments. She found for him different ways of learning things.

Which butterflies are not eaten by birds?

Monarch Butterflies are not eaten by birds.

Why did Ebright raise a flock of butterflies 10?

Why did Ebright decide to raise butterflies in his basement? He wanted to tag the monarch butterflies to study their migration. Since butterfly season lasted only six weeks he wouldn’t be able catch many and tag them. Hence, he decided to raise them in his basement.

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What were the hobbies of Ebright in his childhood?

He became passionate about collecting butterflies, rocks, fossils, and coins. He further used to enjoy sky-gazing. His mother encouraged him in his hobbies and used to buy all the necessary gears for him, like telescope, camera, etc.

Which book did Ebright’s mother get for him?

The Travels of Monarch X

What did Ebright start collecting in childhood?

Ebright began collecting butterflies, rocks, fossils and coins. He began as early as when he was in kindergarten. He collected with same determination that had marked all his activities.

How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright life?

How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life? Ans. The book about monarch butter’s fly migration to central America opened the new world of science to the eager young mind. Thus the book was a turning point in his life because it helped him to study butterflies.

How is the education system in Pakistan?

The education system in Pakistan is generally divided into six levels: preschool (for the age from 3 to 5 years), primary (grades one through five), middle (grades six through eight), high (grades nine and ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate or SSC), intermediate (grades eleven and twelve, leading to a …

What qualities did Richard Ebright possess?

Answer: The author mentions three qualities that go into the making of a scientist—a first-rate mind, curiosity, and the will to win for the right reasons. Richard Ebright was a very intelligent student. He was also a champion debater, a public speaker, a good canoeist and an expert photographer.