How did Anne Frank and her family get food?

How did Anne Frank and her family get food?

Miep Gies had worked for the pectin trading firm owned by Anne’s father, Otto, and smuggled food to the Franks and the other Jews in the camouflaged annex above the firm where the Franks hid.

Who is Anne Frank’s mom?

Edith Frank

Who snitched on Anne Frank?

Hermine “Miep” Gies (née Santruschitz; 15 February 1909 – 11 January 2010) (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmip ˈxis]), was one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank, her family (Otto Frank, Margot Frank, Edith Frank-Holländer) and four other Dutch Jews (Fritz Pfeffer, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels) from …

Can you visit the Secret Annex?

You can still visit this special place from wherever you are. Look around the Secret Annex online and find out more about what happened here or put on your VR glasses and take a virtual stroll through the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary.

What happened to Anne after leaving the annex?

It is presumed that Anne Frank died of typhus not long after that final meeting. The disease was sweeping the camp and killed as many as 17,000 people. She reportedly died a few days after Margot in early March 1945. Both their bodies were buried in an unknown mass grave.

Why does Mr Frank talk about going into hiding?

The Secret Annex Whenever business relations from Frankfurt visited, he would lie down in the hiding place with his ear to the floor in order to hear what was being discussed in the office below.

What happened to Anne Frank after the war?

Anne and Margot Frank were spared immediate death in the Auschwitz gas chambers and instead were sent to Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in northern Germany. In February 1945, the Frank sisters died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen; their bodies were thrown into a mass grave.

Who else was in hiding with the Frank family?

During WWII, Anne Frank’s family hid in the Secret Annex for over 2 years, with the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer.

Who told where the Franks were hiding?

Willem Van Maaren

What food did Anne Frank eat?

The next few days, the people in hiding ate almost nothing but strawberries: strawberries with porridge, strawberry sandwiches, and strawberries with sugar. They saved the jars of jam for later, to have something sweet in the months to come. Strawberries on the office kitchen worktop, reconstruction (1999).

What was Anne Frank’s last entry in her diary?

In her final entry, Frank wrote of how others perceive her, describing herself as “a bundle of contradictions.” She wrote: “As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things.