How can we control childish Behaviour?

How can we control childish Behaviour?

7 Ways to Stop Being Immature Emotionally

  1. Never use emotions as a weapon.
  2. Don’t be afraid of your own feelings.
  3. Dare to speak your mind.
  4. Don’t give the silent treatment.
  5. Acknowledge other people’s feelings.
  6. Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary emotions.
  7. Remember that it’s not all about you.

What are some childish things adults do?

10 incredibly childish things people do even thought they’re…

  • Making improvised art.
  • Making car noises.
  • Using an umbrella as a sword.
  • Finding comfort in pillows.
  • Escaping the basement monster.
  • Having imaginary friends.
  • Cuddling their teddy.
  • Walking through leaves.

How can I be childish?


  1. Do something fun. Make a Lego village, pull out the coloring book, or jump rope.
  2. Explore. Walk around your block without any intention.
  3. Run or skip if you feel like it. Flail your arms, like Phoebe in my favorite episode of Friends.
  4. Be silly.
  5. Try a new look.

What does it mean to act childish?

If you act immature or bratty, you’re being childish. A childish dinner guest might pout because you didn’t make dessert. While the adjective childish is sometimes used to simply mean “like a child,” it’s more common to use childlike in this way. The word comes from the Old English cildisc, “proper to a child.”

How do you explain maturity to a child?

True maturity occurs when children have the ability and the motivation to complete the task on their own. Things go smoothest when your children are both capable of and willing to complete a task.

What defines maturity?

Some people would tell you that someone who is mature is someone who has physically reached adulthood or old age. Some people may define maturity as an ability to listen. Others would define it as the antithesis of childishness. Broadly, maturity is the ability to respond to a situation in an age-appropriate manner.

Is being playful immature?

Being fun is sometimes childish. It is only ‘immature’ if the context is truly inappropriate for the activity (like your example of joking around at a funeral for instance). For the most part, if things bring us joy or laughter and they are not hurting others then we should be following joy.

What are the childish things you still do as a grown up?

15 Childish Things We Wish We Could Still Do

  • Lick that masala off the plate of Maggi.
  • Make that loud “slurping” sound while drinking something.
  • Climb trees.
  • Watch cartoons.
  • Lick lollipops.
  • Collect bubble-gum stickers and tattoos and use them too.
  • Read Chacha Chaudhary and Tinkle comics.
  • Ask for a favorite toy with Happy Meal.

What are some benefits of being childish?

Some benefits of being childish is the ability to inspire many. Also, children tend to think outside of the box and do not put limitations to their imagination. They can find multiple reasons on why they should do something.

What is childlike behavior?

You describe someone as childlike when they seem like a child in their character, appearance, or behavior. His most enduring quality is his childlike innocence. Synonyms: innocent, trusting, simple, naive More Synonyms of childlike.