Do middle names matter?

Do middle names matter?

Does my child need a middle name? “A middle name is not legally necessary. “It is especially important if our first and last names are common. Names in the middle position are great places to ‘personalize’ a child’s name, by giving a name that represents a person or idea important to parents,” Suzanne explained.

Can you be a Jr with a different middle name?

No. The suffixes “Sr”, “Jr”, “II”, “III”, etc are only used when you have people with EXACTLY the same name. If you have a different middle name, then that is how you are distinguished. Your father is John Q Smith, you are John C Smith.

What is the correct way to write initials?

If all the letters are the same size (also known as block), initials are ordered like your name: first, middle and last. If the monogram features a larger center initial, the ordering is always first name, last name, and middle name. So Elizabeth’s monogram would be ESB and Charles’s monogram would be CSW.

Is JR first name or last name?

The Roman numeral “TH. IV.” and so on was added to the first name of the child without any other previous or older child using the additional name “JR.” The first name of the child is registered with Roman numeral “11” but the father’s first name is the same as that of the child.

Do you have to have the same middle name to be a second?

In order to use II, the names must be identical, including the middle name. Both are used to identify that the person is the second in the family to have the name. Jr is used when the son has the same name as the father. The second (II) is used when the elder family member is anyone other than the father.

Do middle names matter on legal documents?

The Social Security Administration does not consider a middle name or suffix as part of an individual’s legal name. But many other legal sources say a full legal name includes middle name. In general, it’s probably best to include your middle name if the form asks for full legal name.

Where do you put the third when last name is first?

Abbreviations for Name Suffixes When used in this context, the abbreviation is capitalized and a period follows it. If the name is written last name first, it should follow this pattern: Last Name, First Name Middle Initial., Suffix. For example, “Williams, Mark A., III.”

Can you have an initial as a middle name?

A middle initial isn’t always a stand-in for a name, however—some parents choose them because they just go nicely with the given name they’ve selected. In this case, the initial used as a middle name is actually a letter name, and the letter isn’t followed by a period because it’s not an abbreviated form of anything.

Should I give my child a middle name?

Though middle names are very common and many people expect them – especially in the US –, they are not required. There aren’t any laws that indicate you must give your child a middle name. The only requirement when it comes to naming a child is that he or she is given a first name and a last name.

Can you change the middle name and still be a third?

If the middle names are different, there is no use for Sr. or Jr. or III, etc. It’s still significant to share a name; you just don’t need to use a suffix because your middle name distinguishes you already. However, I have seen people do I, II, III, IV with just First and Last names the same.

Is there a female version of Junior?

I don’t believe there is one. ‘Junior’ is actually genderless, and simply means ‘younger’. It’s not common to use for females, but it can (and has been) used on occasion.

Can I give my child two middle names?

Having two middle names allows both parents to include an homage to someone special in their family and carry on a family name. Having two middle names means you can give the child the name you agreed on but still have a piece of both families in there as well.

What is the most common middle initial?

Top 10 Middle Names of the Decade and Occurrences:

  • Mae (18,997)
  • Marie (17,887)
  • Elizabeth (16,750)
  • Louise (12,218)
  • Mary (7,769)
  • Ann (6,827)
  • May (6,785)
  • Lee (5,942)

Does a JR have to be the first born?

The “junior” in the family is whichever boy is given the same name as his father. Although it is commonly the firstborn son, it is not always the first, and it is just as valid if it is the tenth son.

Is it weird to name your kid after yourself?

It Sets The Stage For Self-Confidence Every mom wants to raise their child to have great self-esteem. By naming your child after yourself, they will see that you have a strong sense of self-worth and (hopefully) it will encourage them to feel the same.