Did Polonius deserve to die?

Did Polonius deserve to die?

No, he does not deserve to be murdered. He just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (behind curtain number one). His reason is to report back to the king, but Polonius really believes that there is something wrong with Hamlet and that his actions/words need to be monitored.

Who is the last character to die in Hamlet?


Where is Polonius buried?

Finally, Hamlet reveals that Polonius’s body is under the stairs near the castle lobby, and the king dispatches his attendants to look there. The king tells Hamlet that he must leave at once for England, and Hamlet enthusiastically agrees.

How does Polonius die in Hamlet?

From behind the arras, Polonius calls out for help. He draws his sword and stabs it through the tapestry, killing the unseen Polonius. Gertrude asks what Hamlet has done, and he replies, “Nay, I know not: / Is it the king?” (III.

What is Polonius most famous line?

Polonius’s most famous lines are found in Act 1 Scene 3 (“Neither a borrower nor a lender be”; “To thine own self be true”) and Act 2 Scene 2 (“Brevity is the soul of wit”; and “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t”) while others have become paraphrased aphorisms (“Clothes make the man”; “Old friends are …

Why did Hamlet kill Polonius so easily?

Hamlet believed that Claudius was spying on him from behind the tapestry and hoped to kill his unscrupulous uncle. Overall, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius after mistaking him for King Claudius, who he believes is spying on him from behind the tapestry in Gertrude’s chamber.

What mental illness does Polonius have?


Who stabbed Polonius?


How is Polonius manipulative?

This essay analyses Hamlet to prove that Lord Polonius is a manipulative character based on the following actions: using Reynaldo to obtain information from Laertes, interrupting an actor to declare that a particular speech is extremely long, and instructing Ophelia to spy on Prince Hamlet despite the risk involved.

Is Hamlet guilty of killing Polonius?

The jury of volunteers from the audience agreed – and they went further. Not only was Hamlet criminally responsible for Polonius’ killing, jurors said he might also be guilty of driving Ophelia to her death. ″His insensitivity to this person that he supposedly loved was beyond justification,″ Ginsburg said afterward.

Why is Polonius a bad father?

However, the absence of sincerity along with the lack of personalized advice earns Polonius the worst father in literature. He doesn’t really know his son. Laertes is wise and insightful, and is no doubt living this advice already.

How is Polonius death ironic?

In act III, scene IV Polonius faces an untimely death at the hands of a crazed Hamlet. The irony of his demise stems from the fact that he was mistakenly murdered. Hamlet in the midst of his uncontrollable anger slew Polonius, mistaking him to be king Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, stepfather, and usurper of his crown.

How does Polonius treat his daughter?

Evidently, Polonius considers her grown-up daughter to be immature and naïve. Polonius advises Ophelia to ‘tender’ herself ‘more dearly’ or else that she will ‘tender’ him ‘a fool’. Clearly, Polonius is simultaneously protective of her daughter and concerned about his status in the Danish court.

How is Polonius selfish?

Polonius is selfish, suspicious, and uncaring. Polonius is asking his son to be honorable and virtuous. Polonius is hypocritical for giving his son this advice because he is not trusting of his own son. After his son leaves, he sends Reynaldo to follow Laertes to Paris to find out how he is conducting himself.

What are the likely consequences of Polonius death?

As said previously, Polonius’ death also leads to the demise of Hamlet because Laertes wants to avenge his father’s killer. He starts a rebellion against Hamlet with Claudius and publicly challenges Hamlet in a fencing fight.

What does Polonius say when he dies?

Dead, for a ducat, dead! [Behind] O, I am slain! As kill a king, and marry with his brother.

Why is the death of Polonius so important?

The death of Polonius is very significant as it is perhaps the central turning point in the play and the single action that precipitates not only Hamlet’s own downfall, but brings the body count to a grand total of 9 by the end of the play.

Is Polonius a good character?

Polonius is King Claudius’s advisor and Ophelia and Laertes’s father. He is concerned with appearances, especially the reputations of his children. His fatherly advice is well-intentioned but also generic and hypocritical, filled with clichéd aphorisms and self-serving recommendations.

What kind of person is Polonius?

Polonius is a proud and concerned father. In his first line he tells us he hesitates to let his son Laertes go abroad, and he draws out his last meeting with Laertes because he’s reluctant to see him go.

Was Polonius death an accident?

1 Answer. Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius because he thought that he was Claudius, listening in on he and his mother’s private conversation behind the curtain.

What are Polonius last words?

o, i am ___!___(polonius’s last words)
“O, I am ___!” (Polonius’s last words)
I am _ _ it: I am aware of it? (2,2)

Is Polonius innocent?

However, critical discourse on Shakespeare’s Hamlet often depict Polonius as a victim and as an innocent fool who could not embody the complexities of a conspirator, ignoring Shakespeare’s genius in depicting the two opposing worlds of reality and appearance.

What does this reveal about Polonius character?

What does this reveal about Polonius’s character? This shows that Polonius is caring in a way, intelligent and sneaky. How does Ophelia describe Hamlet’s appearance to her? She says that when he came into her room he looked like he’d just came back from hell.