Did Gertrude deserve to die?

Did Gertrude deserve to die?

Q: “They all deserve to die.” Discuss. death. that Claudius deserves death if he indeed did commit treason and kill King Hamlet. Therefore, Gertrude truly did not deserve death.

Why did Gertrude marry so quickly?

As for Gertrude, she gets to stay queen, which has to be better (certainly to someone as shallow as Gertrude) than just becoming an ordinary noblewoman. There is other conjecture that Claudius and Gertrude have been a thing for a long time and that’s why they get married so quickly after King Hamlet’s death.

Who does Hamlet kill and why?

By the end of the tragedy, Hamlet has caused the deaths of Polonius, Laertes, Claudius, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two acquaintances of his from childhood. He is also indirectly involved in the deaths of his love Ophelia (drowning) and of his mother Gertrude (poisoned by Claudius by mistake).

Does Gertrude really love Claudius?

Even though Hamlet lashes out at her with all the rage he can muster, Gertrude remains faithful to him, protecting him fron the King. And, although her love for Claudius is wrong by moral standards, she is now his queen, and remains loyal to him. It is Gertrude’s underlying propensity for goodness that redeems her.

What is the role of spying in Hamlet?

During the performance Hamlet will spy (or, as it actually happens in Act III, he will have Horatio spy) on Claudius to see if his reaction to the scene incriminates him. They believe that if Hamlet doesn’t know he’s being watched, he’ll act without pretense and give them a better sense of what’s going on with him.

Why did Gertrude drink the poison?

In Laurence Olivier’s film adaptation of Hamlet, Gertrude drinks knowingly, presumably to save her son from certain death. If she drinks on purpose, then she’s the self-sacrificing mother Hamlet has always wanted her to be.

Who poisoned Gertrude?

Laertes selects the poisoned and sharpened rapier, and the two go at it. When Claudius offers Hamlet the poisoned goblet of wine, Hamlet refuses, and Gertrude picks up the cup instead. Toasting Hamlet, she drinks the poison, ensuring her eventual death.

Who does Gertrude marry?


How does Hamlet feel about killing Polonius?

Hamlet kills Polonius by mistake, but he feels no guilt for killing him. After staging the “Mousetrap,” or the play with in the play, to test his theory that Claudius planned and carried out the king’s death. After Claudius runs screaming for light, Hamlet follows his mother to her confront her about what she has done.

How did Gertrude betray Hamlet?

Hamlet, being still depressed about his father’s death was further upset and felt betrayed by his mother when she quickly married Claudius. By marrying her former husband’s brother, she also betrayed the late King Hamlet. Gertrude also betrays Hamlet by telling King Claudius that Hamlet killed Polonius.

Why does Hamlet kill Polonius How does Hamlet react when he sees Polonius’s body?

How does Hamlet react when he sees Polonius’s body? He hears the cry and thinks it is Claudius; He calls Polonius a fool. She doesn’t see the ghost and assumes Hamlet is crazy; He tells Hamlet to speak gently to his mother.

Did Hamlet accidentally kill Polonius?

1 Answer. Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius because he thought that he was Claudius, listening in on he and his mother’s private conversation behind the curtain.

What are Gertrudes last words?

Gertrude’s exact words are, “The Queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet” and then after Claudius commands her not to drink, she says, “I will, my lord. I pray you pardon me” (5.2. 265-268).

Did Hamlet know he was being spied on?

Hamlet knows he is being spied upon and he abruptly asks Ophelia where her father is. She replies that he is at home. Enraged, Hamlet curses her, and again tells her to go to a nunnery.