How do they score the accuplacer test?

How do they score the accuplacer test?

Score Information for Accuplacer Tests The Accuplacer Math, Reading, and Writing tests each receive a score between 200 and 300. The Accuplacer ESL tests have a score range of 20 to 120. The WritePlacer Essay test is scored from 1 to 8, and the WritePlacer ESL is scored from 1 to 6.

What is a passing score for the Accuplacer test?

237 or higher

What sections does the Accuplacer exam include?

The ACCUPLACER test was developed by the College Board which also administers the ACT test. The ACCUPLACER assessments include tests on the following subjects: arithmetic, college-level math, elementary algebra, reading comprehension, sentence skills, WritePlacer (essay writing) and English as a Second Language (ESL).

How many times can you take the Accuplacer test?

You may take the placement test twice (2 times) in three years. Test scores will expire after three (3) years. Likewise, how long do you have to take the Accuplacer test? The ACCUPLACER test is a comprehensive, web-based assessment tool used to determine your skills in reading, writing and math.

Do you need a calculator for the Accuplacer test?

You are allowed to use a calculator on the ACCUPLACER. However, you are not permitted to bring your own personal calculator. There will be an on-screen calculator provided for you.

How many questions are on the accuplacer arithmetic section?

17 different questions

Can you use scratch paper on the accuplacer?

Scratch paper is allowed along with a standard pen/pencil. – You will be asked to show both sides of your scratch paper to the proctor at the beginning and end of your test session.