How do you write a level essay in English?

How do you write a level essay in English?

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How can I write more academically?

Nine Basic Ways to Improve Your Style in Academic WritingUse ACTIVE VOICE. Don’t say: “The stepmother’s house was cleaned by Cinderella.” (Passive.) Mix it up in terms of PUNCTUATION. Vary your SENTENCE STRUCTURE. Closely related to this, avoid CHOPPINESS. Avoid REPETITION. Be CONCISE. Use the VOCABULARY that you know. But also work on expanding your VOCABULARY.

Can I use so in academic writing?

3 Answers. I try to avoid using “so” in formal / business writing. Someone suggested “therefore” as an alternative, but in some cases that may sound too strong, as it implies an indisputable logical conclusion.

What can I write instead of so?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR a a result.consequently.correspondingly.duly.equally.ergo.

What should you not use in academic writing?

Do not use slang, jargon, colloquialisms, or sexist language. Do not use shortened verb forms (contractions), such as they’re, isn’t, can’t. Do not use common vocabulary, such as have got, a lot, nice, the other thing.

What are the do’s and don’ts of the articles?

Article Writing – Beware of 10 Don’tsDon’t forget to choose your audience. Don’t write an ineffective title. Don’t open with a weak paragraph. Don’t neglect flow. Don’t steal content from other writers. Don’t bore your readers. Don’t create mirror content. Don’t leave readers hanging with a bad ending.

How do you write a website?

It’s important to target your audience when writing for the web….How to Write User-Friendly ContentUse the words your users use. Chunk your content. Front-load the important information. Use pronouns. Use active voice. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Use bullets and numbered lists. Use clear headlines and subheads.

What should you include in a website?

10 Things Every Small-Business Website NeedsA clear description of who you are. A simple, sensible Web address. An easily-navigated site map. Easy-to-find contact information. Customer testimonials. An obvious call to action. Know the basics of SEO. Fresh, quality content.

How do I get paid for writing a website?

If you want to earn money by writing online for others, here are 10 sites where you can get paid to write your own articles.Wow Women on Writing: $50-100.Strong Whispers: $50 – $150.Link-Able: $100 – $ $100 – $200.Watch Culture: $25 – $500.Sitepoint: Visit Link for Pricing.Uxbooth: $100.