What does it mean when College Board says your scores are pending?

Most students learn their SAT scores by logging on to their college board account 2 weeks after taking the test, but some log on to see the dreaded scores pending message. It could be that the College Board is just running behind or that there was some sort of irregularity with your testing center.

Does College Board ever make mistakes?

It’s very rare for the College Board, the organization that designs and distributes the SAT, to make a mistake, but it does happen. In 2006, about 4,000 students received incorrectly low scores on their SAT because of problems with the scanning of their answer sheets. So the College Board does make mistakes.

How will college board prevent cheating 2020?

In order to prevent cheating, The College Board has developed plagiarism-detection software that will review each exam. Similarly, each exam will also be reviewed by a teacher. Students accused of cheating (or when the software detects cheating), scores will be automatically canceled.