Why Zoos and aquariums should be banned?

Why Zoos and aquariums should be banned?

Zoos aren’t safe for humans, either. Some of the animals are very unhappy so they lash out, hurt, or even kill people. We should get rid of the zoo because they take the animals away from their natural habitat, the animals can’t live in the wild anymore, and zoos aren’t safe for anyone.

Why are zoos and aquariums bad?

While there are “better” and “worse” zoos, animals residing in captivity live highly compromised lives (see also) often being kept in very small cages and unnatural groups without family and friends while suffering losses of freedom of movement and the ability to control their own lives.

Why are zoos and circuses good?

Animals in the wild are endangered by human predators and shrinking habitats, and live short, dangerous lives. Circus animals receive food, shelter and veterinary care. Zoos stopped animal performances to distance themselves from circuses, but have reintroduced them because animals benefit from the stimulation.

What animals suffer from depression?

Depression-like behaviour has been most extensively studied in cats and dogs, the most common pets. Nowadays, veterinarians seem to agree that animals can get depressed and even prescribe Prozac-like medication that improves their mood.

Why should zoos stay open?

Zoos also save endangered species by bringing them into safe environments, protected from poachers, habitat loss and starvation. Many also have breeding programmes which contribute to enhancing population numbers.

Why should Zoos be allowed?

Zoos protect against a species going extinct. A species protected in captivity provides a reservoir population against a population crash or extinction in the wild. Here they are relatively safe and can be bred up to provide foundation populations.