Why is Jack a more effective leader than Ralph?

Why is Jack a more effective leader than Ralph?

Ralph is a much better leader than Jack. He cares more about the boys and it’s shown that he listens to them more than Jack, while Jack only controls them and punishes them if the boys don’t listen to him. Ralph cared about being rescued. He made the idea of the fire and wanted to make sure it was always going.

What are the differences between Jack and Ralph’s leadership?

Jack is an authoritarian leader while Ralph is more of an egalitarian. Even in the first chapter, Jack is shown as a strict leader who demands obedience as his choir members follow him across the beach. He has made them march in line in their hot uniforms, and Simon ends up passing out because of the heat.

What do Jack and Ralph have in common?

1 Answer. Comparison: In doing contrast and comparison between Ralph and Jack, we can say both are of same age and had almost same personality and have leadership qualities. Physically both are athletic, fit, strong and in good shape. Jack is attractive charismatic but irritable and manipulative.

How does Ralph annoy Jack?

Ralph annoys Jack because when Jack got back from the hunting, Ralph just told him about how hard he worked and he doesn’t like his work but he still did it, and he worked hard, etc. They want meat because they have to have fresh food, they can’t eat vegetables forever in this island. 5.

How does Ralph treat the Littluns?

Ralph and Jack treat the littluns very differently. They are both natural leaders, but in different ways. Ralph is respectful and somewhat gentle with the littleuns, and is willing to listen to them at meetings. He is not respectful or polite to them, and doesn’t take them seriously at all.

Why does Jack slap Piggy?

The hunters, having actually managed to catch and kill a pig, are so excited and crazed with bloodlust that they barely hear Ralph’s complaints. When Piggy shrilly complains about the hunters’ immaturity, Jack slaps him hard, breaking one of the lenses of his glasses. Jack taunts Piggy by mimicking his whining voice.

What is the main idea of Lord of the Flies?

The central concern of Lord of the Flies is the conflict between two competing impulses that exist within all human beings: the instinct to live by rules, act peacefully, follow moral commands, and value the good of the group against the instinct to gratify one’s immediate desires, act violently to obtain supremacy …

Why does Jack get mad at Simon?

Jack is using the pig meat as a way to manipulate the boys and gain power. When Piggy asks for some, he says Piggy didn’t hunt. Piggy points out the neither did Simon or Ralph and Simon, sensing Jack’s game, gives Piggy some of his meat. Jack, angry at Simon’s empathy, hacks off more meat and orders Simon to eat it.

Why is Jack angry and embarrassed?

Jack. He was embarrassed and angry because he wanted to have the power. He wanted the choir boys to be hunters. When exploring the area why did the boys (Simon, Jack, and Ralph) climb the mountain?