What does a reflective essay consist of?

What does a reflective essay consist of?

In a reflective essay you would tell your reader how you got interested in going there, what feelings you experienced during your visit and how it affected you as a personality. In the first case you enumerate events one by one; in the second case you share your thoughts and feelings with your reader.

How do you find reflection?

the line y = x is the point (y, x). the line y = -x is the point (-y, -x). Remember that each point of a reflected image is the same distance from the line of reflection as the corresponding point of the original figure. The line of reflection will lie directly in the middle between the original figure and its image.

What is a reflection shape?

A reflection can be thought of as folding or “flipping” an object over the line of reflection. An object and its reflection have the same shape and size, but the figures face in opposite directions. The objects appear as if they are mirror reflections, with right and left reversed.

How do you enlarge a shape?

A transformation is a way of changing the size or position of a shape. To enlarge a shape, a centre of enlargement is required. When a shape is enlarged from a centre of enlargement, the distances from the centre to each point are multiplied by the scale factor.

How do you enlarge a circle?

Enlarging circles A circle with radius of one centimetre can be enlarged by drawing a new circle with a radius two, three, ten or any number times the size of the original. On the left is a circle with radius one centimetre and diameter two centimetres.

How do you translate a shape?

A translation moves a shape up, down or from side to side but it does not change its appearance in any other way. Translation is an example of a transformation. A transformation is a way of changing the size or position of a shape. Every point in the shape is translated the same distance in the same direction.

How do you calculate enlargement?

To find the centres of enlargement, draw lines through the corresponding corners of each shape. These lines will cross at the centre of enlargement, as shown below. The centres have been marked with the letter O in both diagrams.

How do you enlarge a shape by a half?

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