What does transfer admission mean?

What does transfer admission mean?

Transfer admissions in the United States refers to college students changing universities during their college years. Unlike admission from high school directly to college, there is less data nationwide about transfer admissions, although there are signs that this is changing.

How do colleges evaluate transfer students?

Even if you are transferring between your sophomore and junior years, expect colleges to ask for all of your high school credentials—SAT / ACT scores, transcripts, etc. They will want to see your college grades and will evaluate the degree of difficulty both in your course selection and in where you earned the credits.

What looks good on a college transfer application?

They want to see a demonstrated effort to do well and commitment to a program, as well as a plan for how your new school will help you achieve your goals. A strong transfer application will look much like a strong freshman application, but with letters of recommendation and grades from college instead of high school.