Is Paraphenylenediamine harmful?

Is Paraphenylenediamine harmful?

Organ system toxicity: When ingested, p-phenylenediamine is highly toxic. Often referred to as hair dye poisoning, p-phenylenediamine can cause respiratory distress and renal failure. It causes swelling in the upper respiratory tract and larynx which causes respiratory distress.

Does phenylenediamine cause cancer?

The first line of evidence to suggest that hair dyes may cause cancer came from animal studies performed on mice and rats, where administration of specific amines (e.g. 2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine) resulted in carcinogenity, but others such as 4-nitro-o-phenylenediamine had no carcinogenic effects at all.

Is PPD in hair dye toxic?

PPD containing hair dyes have been associated with cancer and mutagenicity. Apart from that, PPD has potential toxicity which includes acute toxicity such as allergic contact dermatitis and subacute toxicity.

What products contain PPD?

P-phenylediamine or probably more known as PPD is a dye used in different products such as hair colour, henna tattoos, printing, oil, gas, and rubber products but it can also be found in textiles such as black clothes and nylon stocking, black rubber etc.

Can hair dye cause neurological problems?

Nervous system effects can be temporary, such as headaches, dizziness, or unconsciousness. However, effects such as uncoordination, cognitive impairment, and vision and hearing loss may become permanent with repeated exposure, especially at concentrations associated with intentional solvent abuse.

How do you neutralize a PPD?

Apply a 2% hydrogen peroxide solution or compresses of potassium permanganate in a 1:5000 dilution to completely oxidise the PPD. To soothe, soften the crust, and alleviate the tight feeling of the scalp, apply a wet dressing of cold olive oil and lime.

What hair colors do not contain PPD?


  • Goldwell Color Chic (permanent)
  • Goldwell ReShade for Men (demipermanent)
  • L’Oréal Paris Excellence To-Go 10-Minute Creme Colorant (demipermanent)
  • Sanotint Light (demipermanent)
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal (permanent)
  • Wella Koleston Perfect (permanent dye)
  • Wella Color Charm (demipermanent)