Who is Nikolai Lukashenko mother?

Who is Nikolai Lukashenko mother?

Nikolai Lukashenko
Born 31 August 2004 Minsk, Belarus
Nationality Belarusian
Other names Kolya
Parents Alexander Lukashenko (father) Irina Abelskaya (presumably) (mother)

Who is Lukashenko father?

Dmitry Lukashenko
Born 23 March 1980 Mogilev, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union
Office Head of the Presidential Sports Club of Belarus
Parents Alexander Lukashenko (father) Galina Lukashenko (mother)
Relatives Viktor Lukashenko (brother) Nikolai Lukashenko (half-brother)

How old is Lukashenko?

67 years (August 30, 1954)
Alexander Lukashenko/Age

How tall is Lukashenko?

1.82 m
Alexander Lukashenko/Height

Does Lukashenko have a wife?

Galina Lukashenko

Galina Lukashenko Галіна Лукашэнка Галина Лукашенко
Nationality Belarusian
Spouse(s) Alexander Lukashenko (m. 1975)
Children Viktor Lukashenko Dmitry Lukashenko
Alma mater Mogilev State Pedagogical Institute

How many children Lukashenko has?

Alexander Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko Александр Лукашенко Аляксандр Лукашэнка
Spouse(s) Galina Zhelnerovich ​ ( m. 1975)​
Children Viktor Dmitry Nikolai
Mother Ekaterina Trofimovna Lukashenko
Occupation Politician Army officer

Is Lukashenko still in power?

Sixth term (2020–present) On 9 August 2020, according to the preliminary count, Lukashenko was re-elected for his sixth term as the President of Belarus.