Is McKinnon secondary a good school?

Is McKinnon secondary a good school?

McKinnon Secondary College was ranked eighth out of all state secondary schools in Victoria based on VCE results in 2018.

How many people are at McKinnon Secondary College?

2200 students
McKinnon Secondary College is a large coeducational and multicultural college of over 2200 students. The college is located 12 km south east from the city and is well served by both train and bus. The college was established in 1954 and the international programme has been operating since 2001.

Where is the new McKinnon Secondary College?

McKinnon Secondary College. We are building a second campus for McKinnon Secondary College in the Virginia Park East Bentleigh precinct, opening in 2022.

When was Mckinnon Secondary College built?

McKinnon Secondary College/Founded

How much is Mckinnon Secondary College?

International student fees at McKinnon Secondary College

Grade/Year Fee
Year 9 $16,195
Year 10 $16,195
Year 11 $18,163
Year 12 $18,163

How much is secondary school fees in UK?

School Fees

Secondary School (Year 7 -11) £3,900 per term £11,700 per year £6,900 per term £20,700 per year
University Foundation Programme £4,500 per term £13,500 per year £7,500 per term £22,500 per year
Day Students Boarding Students

Is Bentleigh Secondary College zoned?

All Schools now have a zone. Our school zone is available on Students residing in the Bentleigh Secondary School zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.